This is my ‘health and weight loss’ journal or diary. What I’ve learned through trial and error and my own personal research, I am sharing with you in the spirit of weight loss and hopes you achieve better health.

My weight has gone up and down like a roller coaster ride through the years, and I had the ‘gut feeling’ I was headed for trouble if I didn’t make some fairly quick changes in my eating behavior. I didn’t want to become a statistic in the local obituary succumbing to a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer.

Fortunately for me, I lost about fifty pounds simply by changing the foods I ate. I went from 205+ lbs. way down to 158 lbs. all within a year.

My blood pressure decreased to 100/60, my energy level went up and I began feeling a lot healthier. I lost an average of about 5 lbs. a month.

I knew I was on to something big.  I discovered my weight problem was due to our ‘standard American diet’ we all love until it causes us weight and health issues. I learned it was the food I was eating most my life! Although, I still love pizza, burgers and fries, and all the ‘wrong’ foods, I no longer eat them.

Our bodies have not gotten used to eating processed and refined foods, as we have eaten ‘plant based diets’ for many thousands of years.

When we get back to our natural way of eating, we lose weight, get healthier and live longer like those in societies who eat a simple plant based diet.

‘Vegan or vegetarian’ wouldn’t be an accurate label to pin on me. I prefer to call myself a ‘plant based whole foodist’.

The food I eat is basically a no animal product diet with little to no processed and refined foods and oils, low in salt, sugar and fat, legumes like lentils and beans, no grains and a variety of fruits with raw salad and cooked or steamed vegetables. Continued.

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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