My name is Steven Humphreys. I lost about fifty pounds changing the way I ate. I went from 205 lbs. to 158 lbs., my blood pressure went down @ 100/60, my energy level went up and I began feeling healthier.

I lost an average of about 5 lbs. a month. I had my ups and downs because of food cravings. It took me about a year to perfect my diet and lose approximately fifty pounds. And, the weight is still staying off!

After decades of trial and error, I discovered my weight problem was due to the standard American diet most of us enjoy. I still love pizza, burgers and fries. But, I realized I had to change my diet. It had way too much cholesterol, fat, salt, sugar, refined carbs and processed food. I realized I was going to lose my health like so many others if I didn’t change the way I ate.

I am not a professional nutritionist or health practitioner, only a layman who did his own research uncovering how to lose weight the quickest most healthful way through his own trial and error. I not only lost the weight I wanted, I got healthier and felt much better in the process.

Undoubtedly, changing my diet saved my life adding many more health filled years. I believe what worked for me can work for you, too. What I also discovered was that when you change your diet to plant based whole food, you may receive these benefits…

  • Lose weight and keep it off through diet and stabilize at your old high school weight
  • You fit in your old smaller size clothes
  • Disease, ailments and conditions may completely disappear
  • Lose that beer belly and love handles
  • Lose that turkey neck and sagging arm skin
  • Your health improves
  • Have more energy
  • Live a longer life
  • Look better
  • Feel more confident
  • Not have to see the doctor or get operated on
  • You might feel as good and be as strong as you were in high school
  • Become a good role model for others to follow in what to eat
  • Become more active physically and mentally