Welcome to WeightlossBlogging.Com. I am Steven Humphreys, author and researcher for this site.

Here’s my story: my weight has gone up and down like a roller coaster through the years. I had the ‘gut feeling’ I was headed for trouble if I didn’t make some quick changes. I didn’t want a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer.

‘I had no energy, didn’t feel good and wasn’t happy with my clothes not fitting’

Just in the nick of time, I lost fifty pounds simply by changing which foods I ate. I went from 205+ lbs. way down to 158 lbs., which was my High School weight.

‘If I pass on something that helps just one person, I’m happy’

Better health is not just about losing weight. You also can get healthier by choosing to eat the right food. I lost the weight and it stays off, but there are foods you think are healthy for you, but are not. Learn which foods are healthiest. You might be surprised. Continued.

‘I am not a medical professional, and am learning as I go. Therefore, some of the information within my website will be updated and corrected from time to time’

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet. Do not attempt self diagnosis and cure yourself strictly through diet. It is no substitute for a physician’s care and advice.