About me: I am Steven Humphreys. You might call my site ‘my health and weight loss diary’. I am sharing my notes with you in hopes you may benefit. I am not saying I know it all, but I have found a diet that worked great miracles for me. Maybe, eating the way I do will work for you, too.

Please let me know your successes. All the information here is what I’ve tried for myself. I was my own ‘guinea pig’. You may love and adapt quite well to eating plant based whole food and get healthier losing more weight than I did faster!

My better health and weight loss story begins… I lost about fifty pounds changing the foods I ate. I went from 205+ lbs. reducing to 158 lbs. within a year.

My blood pressure went down to 100/60, my energy level went up and I began feeling a lot healthier. In the beginning it takes a little willpower to overcome junk and snack food temptations.

I lost an average of about 5 lbs. a month. This is a conservative figure. I didn’t lose more weight because I struggled with food cravings until I learned what not to eat. You may lose even more weight than I did, a lot sooner…

Through many decades, I figured out my weight problem was due to the standard American diet. I still love pizza, burgers and fries, but no longer eat them.

Why? They have too much bad cholesterol, added fats, salt, sugar and refined carbs. This is processed food. These are weight gainers and health destroyers.

I am not a professional nutritionist nor health practitioner, only a layman who through his own experience learned how to lose weight the quickest most healthful way through time.

I am positive that changing my diet saved my life and has added healthy vibrant years. If it works for me, why not for you, too?

I didn’t want to be overweight, get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, have a stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, leaky gut or any other disease, ailment or condition.

Not too long ago, when man began farming manufacturers soon created processed and refined foods. Our bodies have not adapted well to this. But, when we get back to our natural way of eating, we lose weight, get healthier and live a lot longer. You could call me a plant based whole foodist.   What to eat.

Note- ‘My site is my own ongoing  personal self study I am sharing with you about effects a plant based diet has upon weight loss, health and longevity. It is by no means scientific, as I am not a professional health practitioner. As I learn or information changes, I update this site with the new information with any corrections. I offer no guarantees, as a plant based diet may not work for you. I give no advice, diagnosis or health and diet recommendations. You must weigh things for yourself and make your own decision. Above all, be sure to contact your doctor before you decide to change your diet’ ~ your author