Addicted to food: How to eat healthier

Are you addicted to food? Obesity is a medical condition. I think we all have our favorite foods which we know are bad for us. But, unfortunately, we find a way to eat them anyway. For example, did you know wheat products are addictive? Furthermore, wheat acts upon the brain receptors similar to opium. But, it isn’t a high we get, it’s that we get hungrier.

We crave more calories. That’s why I couldn’t eat just a few. I ate the whole bag or box! Gliadin is a protein in wheat that causes problems. Wheat has been genetically altered so it increases crop yield. It’s not the wheat of the past. The wheat of today has substantially more gluten. Additionally, you could be allergic to wheat and lectins could cause a leaky gut.

More than this, wheat flour which is in many foods like crackers and bread causes your blood sugar to rise as quickly as sugar. And, acidity raises in your mouth so that bacteria can also make cavities just like sugar does.

Grains are low in nutrition and tasteless unless salt, sugar and oil are added for flavor. All considered, it’s a wise idea to pass on wheat. This goes for other grain, too. Livestock are designed to eat grain, save it for them, let them eat it.

It’s not that I am just picking on wheat. There are way too many things wrong with it. It’s grains in general; including corn, rye, barley, oats and all the others.  For me, I only use white potatoes and brown rice (I usually eat only one medium potato and a cup of rice a day.) The only legume I eat is about a cup of pinto beans. I may eat a few corn tortillas. That’s it.

The majority of food I eat is plant-based whole food. This means I cut out most all refined and processed foods. If you are addicted to food that’s bad for you, I would limit or eliminate the following by reading labels closely. Some foods below are addictive, not heart healthy, will make you gain weight and harm your teeth. Severely limit or exclude these below…

  • Processed oils like olive oil
  • All grain product snack and junk foods like crackers, cookies and breads
  • Anything with sugar or fructose like packaged deserts, soft drinks, and candy
  • Avoid dried fruits
  • Like gluten, dairy is addictive
  • No fruit juice
  • Stay away from higher sugar fruits like pineapples, bananas, and grapes