Against All Grain: The good, bad and ugly truth

Is there a valid case against all grain? Why shouldn’t I eat grain, they say it’s good for me! Yet, grain is used for feed to Cows, Horses and Pigs who have flat teeth to chew it and the stomachs to digest it.

Am I against all grain? Not exactly. But, I only eat brown rice, potatoes (tuber) and beans (legumes.) It seems when I don’t have at least one of these at every meal, I don’t feel full and satisfied.

Every grain (Wheat, Corn, Barley, Oats, etc.) has its own form of Gluten. There’s lots of grains you probably haven’t even heard of yet like spelt and teff. Gluten is a protein and Gliadin is what potentially causes the problems in our bodies.

Some glutens may affect you adversely, while others may not. You have to get tested to see which ones are causing you the problems. But, wheat gluten is not like the glutens of the past. It is a lot stronger and  is addicting. Gluten affects the receptors in the brain just like Opium does. It seems wheat flour is in nearly everything.

Wheat Gluten

Wheat Gluten (and, possibly other glutens) and Lectins (in nightshades, nuts, seeds, and legumes) can damage the small intestine causing Leaky Gut Syndrome leading to inflammation in the body and joints. Many ailments, diseases and conditions are inflammatory in nature running rampant in the body which are difficult for your doctor to diagnose and treat.

Additionally, processed grain foods like breads and tortillas can keep you stuck so you won’t lose weight. Refined grain can cause weight gain. When it is ground into a fine powder the increased surface area causes weight gain in many of us. It shoots your blood sugar up as much as sugar.

I got stuck around 185 lbs. because I ate too much bread, crackers, chips, tortillas and cold cereal. When I ceased eating these, I began going down in weight at a steady pace.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.