Are We Designed To Eat Seeds, Nuts And Grains? Why It Could Be A Yes And No…

After I lost 50 pounds my body became more sensitive to food I ate. Although I lost the weight and became healthier in one way I seemed to have nagging muscle and joint pains. At first I thought that maybe I wasn’t getting enough protein or that I was eating too much rice (arsenic.) I couldn’t seem to locate what I was doing wrong in my diet.

‘Best bet is to try to eat 80-90% plant based whole food. When you do, you know exactly what’s in it. There’s only intact food nature intended for us to eat’

I have learned I cannot eat wheat products and dairy. I know how they both affect me. So that’s clear. I also don’t eat eggs and meat. The WHO said that meat does cause cancer [1]. Not that it can or will. It does without a doubt. Besides that which somehow I always intuitively knew anyway, I stopped eating animal products because I didn’t want to bring harm to animals.

‘Apes and monkeys eat nuts and seeds, and they seem to do fine. As far as I know, they don’t eat grain. We humans are almost exactly genetically alike to the great apes’

I have heard that when you sprinkle seeds on your salad that you absorb nutrients better that way. So, by that, it’s what I try to remember to do daily. Some nuts and seeds do have too much Omega 6 which is inflammatory. Therefore, I gather that using chia, walnuts and flax would be the better choice on salads being they are higher in Omega 3.

‘I have read that people live longer eating seeds and nuts’

As we have been told by the media over and over again, we need fiber. It is a valuable nutrient. But, what about grains? I hear that grain fiber is too abrasive to our intestines. But, most people aren’t going to give it up.

And, I’ve read that eating grains reduce the risk of digestive tract cancer, which in itself, is a good thing [2]. Nonetheless, all grains have gluten (wheat gluten which is a protein is named gliadin, while corn and every other grain have their own individual names,) but that’s a separate story I have written numerous posts about.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.