Why Eat ‘Sprouted’, Not Refined Grain?

I did my tests eating grain and came to a conclusion through taking notes about how I felt, weighing evidence for and against. But, it’s so easy to forget and fall back eating something you know you shouldn’t. I always loved eating anything made from grain. This includes cereal, bread, crackers, tortillas, snack and junk food. Continue reading “Why Eat ‘Sprouted’, Not Refined Grain?”


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Yes, More Grain Brain Belly Bashing: Update On Bread And Cereal Products

I recently wrote a couple posts on cereal and bread. You hear good and bad all day long about grain. It gets really confusing. I was getting my hopes up about eating lots of bread and cereal again.

But, then I remembered one thing. Carbs get turned to sugar in your mouth by your saliva and feeds the germs that cause cavities. This also goes for ‘sprouted grains’ in which a few breads and cereals I have tried are made from.

‘The truth about grain: Our bodies actually don’t require it. And, I believe that when you refine grain, and eat too much of it, you open yourself up to potential problems, one of which is potential weight gain. Fortunately, there are alternatives to grain that offer more nutrition’ ~ your author

I avoid eating ‘gummy’ carb food. Why? This is usually refined grains. I want to save my teeth. Why would gummy food mess with teeth? It sticks and gives the bad germs sugar to eat. Then, their waste products erode our teeth making way for future cavities. But, unfortunately, that’s not the only concern I have about eating whole and refined grain.

You might want to read my article on grain and other foods that feed cavities, here, before you dive into a box of cereal or keep buying any type of bread, crackers, tortillas and just about anything else that’s ‘starchy’. Your saliva turns carbs to sugar.

Firstly, we don’t want to feed the germs responsible for cavities. Secondly, we want to kill them dead. You might want to watch each informative video directly below and learn how to do this yourself.

If you want to protect your body and teeth, you have to try to stay away from acidic food. For example, instead of drinking coffee, try Japanese green tea like I drink everyday. Unfortunately, all grain is ‘acid forming’.

I know gerd and acid reflux aren’t the same thing, although I believe they are similar. I have never been diagnosed. Nevertheless, I should say I get an acid stomach after I eat refined boxed cereals like Grape Nuts®.

In conclusion, be sure to listen to your body in how it feels. If eating something causes just one problem, you might want to consider excluding it from your diet. There are many substitutes for grain. For example, you could eat potatoes, beans and tofu together in one bowl. I do. It’s satisfying and very filling!

*Eating refined or sprouted grain products isn’t for everyone. For example, Ezekiel® 4:9 sprouted bread and cereal have ‘malted barley’, a sweetener which I don’t eat. Although, at this point in time, I still do eat their corn and whole grain tortillas. Yet, I am not completely certain about the healthiness of eating any grains or not. I guess I would have to be tested for a reaction to each, but I will likely not do that. So, I will keep testing myself on an unscientific personal try it and see level and eventually come to a conclusion on my own about the whole eat grain or not thing. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about your teeth and cavities, be sure to read this page about grain.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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