Becoming a Vegetarian

Have you heard eating more fruits and vegetables can make you lose weight? Becoming a vegetarian is not like you joined some kind of weird cult. You don’t turn strange. But, there are those vegetarians who preach who come off as judgmental.

I have seen those same vegetarians with a soft drink in their hands and a bag of chips. It qualifies as vegetarian, but is not the healthiest way to eat by any standard. These vegetarians are usually underweight or overweight and probably wonder why their health falters while feeling so poorly.

There are many things vegetarian; like olive oil, fructose, and refined
flour, just to name a few. Whatever anyone says, your body does not 
need them and they are not healthy.

You don’t have to be that way. I don’t think I am, but I have to watch myself when someone proclaims we need to eat meat to be healthy. It’s not true, and has been proven time and time again, we don’t need to eat meat to be healthy.

There’s enough protein in the fruits and vegetables kingdom to take care of that. Anyway, what’s in most meats is not good at all. There’s antibiotics, hormones and the bad cholesterol. We’re better off without it, even though it tastes good.

It’s a Lifestyle

You learn what things you like to eat that are healthier by doing. It’s basically trial and error. It’s no different from anything else in life. We all learn through doing. That’s how it is. Furthermore, just because something tastes good doesn’t mean more of it is good for you. Your taste buds will change and crave new things.

What we like to eat now, like all the bad stuff, we’ve learned to eat. It’s custom, tradition and culture we have to resist. I’m not saying we can’t eat some of the bad stuff. There’s the holidays and we don’t want to offend grandma.

Therefore, we eat a little of it then to make her happy, but we don’t over-indulge ourselves. We reduce our portions of those things we have learned not to eat. We just need to use a little common sense, but at the same time, not be too rigid.

When you see the weight drop off and start feeling better, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago. The food is delicious and you can eat as much as you want. But, it’s the processed foods you have to watch out for.

In other words, if you just have to eat bread, and you are not losing weight, guess what? You have to limit those kinds of carbs. That means cereals, breads, and all grains like pasta. You will learn what your food is and what to avoid.