Benefits of coffee: The good and bad

It is said there are many benefits of coffee drinking. Don’t forget that coffee has a huge amount of caffeine in it, and it’s extremely addictive. So, if you talk bad about coffee, you will get a lot of resistance.

People are touchy about what they want to drink and eat. They don’t want to hear it. For example, when it comes to gaining weight and someone loves eating pizza, most are looking for a quick fix, not that they have to stop eating what’s causing their weight gain.

I have written other pages about the benefits of coffee. For example, one blog page is why coffee is bad and the other is, is coffee bad? You might find them interesting and surprising.

For me, coffee drinking is not a good thing. I suffer anxiety when I drink of it. In this life, I don’t think we need even more anxiety and stressful feelings produced by drinking something I consider a powerful underestimated drug.

I want calm and peace of mind, not hurry up! If you are tired all the time and need coffee to speed you up, you are asking for it. Never force your body to perform. Be easy on you.

Coffee and what it does to us is a reflection of us. It’s a look at our society. It’s competition, it’s push-push all the way. Who likes pushy people? I don’t want that. I want cooperation, instead.

Anyway, coffee pushes your blood pressure up, gives you an acid stomach which can fool you into thinking you are hungry thereby you crave the wrong foods. Do we want this if we are trying to lose weight, get healthier and live longer? I think not.

In America, it seems we make drugs that do a few questionable things. One is suppress the symptoms of what’s wrong with us. When it comes to coffee, I don’t know who the spokesman is.

Maybe, the multi-billion dollar coffee industry? While coffee may do a few things good, we don’t hear about the bad. Why would they tell you? Again, addictive substances seem to have free reign.

If something does even one thing bad to you, how would any good be worthwhile?

Drinking coffee may be a precursor to many diseases, ailments and conditions. We don’t know. Where are the studies? It is well known drinking excessive alcohol will eventually defeat your liver. But, what will a stimulant like coffee do to your brain, heart, organs and body over many years?

I don’t see those studies, I only know how it makes me feel. Who do you know who doesn’t love coffee? But, what eventually happens to your pancreas? What about acid reflux? What about what we add to coffee to make it taste good?

What about blood sugar spikes and lows? Higher blood pressure? Racing heart. Irregular heart beat? Atherosclerosis, anyone? You never hear about these. But, after the damage has been done how would you ever prove coffee ever had anything to do with it? Coffee gets to pass go and collects $200.

Therefore, you are on your own and have to be your own health policeman. So, listen to your body and to how what you eat and drink affects you. All considered, I wouldn’t drink coffee, especially all those tasty designer coffees you can pick up through the drive-thru windows with all that sugar and cream. Yes, it tastes good, but what’s it going to do to you over the long haul? Is it really worth all that money you pay and the potential future risk? Something to think about.

I would at the very least, switch to drinking Japanese organic green tea, if you just have to have caffeine. I feel that green tea energizes while coffee only produces anxiety and many other problems.

Making loose leaf tea at home is economical and in my opinion much more healthful (because of less caffeine and other non-harmful potentially beneficial ingredients) than drinking coffee.

Yet, it is much better to use our natural energy avoiding stimulants altogether. Avoid tea too, if you can. Substitute green tea for coffee, it’s a great way to stop the coffee habit. Unlike ceasing coffee, stopping drinking green tea is much easier with hardly any side effects.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.