Benefits of Exercise

I believe there are benefits of exercise. I can’t recommend any particular exercises or how strenuous it should be for best health.

I do recommend movement. This is keeping active physically and mentally even if it is housework and yardwork.

It’s better to be active rather than sitting on the couch all day watching TV…

I think we all somehow know this to be true. Getting outside breathing fresh air, being in the sun and mowing the lawn or trimming a bush can make one feel better about himself and his life. Anyway, that way you don’t have to pay a gardener! You know the old expression that if you want something done right, do it yourself?

My Exercise Plan

Now, I do exercise trying to do it every day. When you are healthy and feel good, you have the energy and don’t have to force or push yourself to do it. It becomes a joyful habit.

I have exercise equipment in my garage I try to use daily. I jog around my pool with my dog if I can. He trots around with me with a tennis ball in his mouth because he is old. I have a bench press and I do some aerobics like a few karate moves I used to do and also run in place. It seems I start my exercise regimen at about three in the afternoon. It just works out that way for some reason.

I developed my own routine which isn’t that strenuous because I don’t believe it needs to be that way. I go by how I feel. I listen to my body. You can’t go wrong that way. Your body is intelligent. Listen to what it is trying to tell you.

In other words, if you eat something and you are tired after you eat it, listen to that. It might not be the right food. For example, if you eat bread and that makes you tired, stop eating processed grains. Many of us have Wheat and Dairy allergies. Gluten can be a big problem for some of us.

If you have a hobby like Karate, that’s a plus and can become your form of daily exercise. Going through all those Kata movements or forms you’ve learned can keep you confident while at the same time physically active and fit. It all depends upon your body wisdom. We all are different and require different activity levels. But, doing nothing at all may not be the best choice for anyone. Do you want to be a body builder? How about a Karate Master? Or, simply be a regular Joe who’s also fit and trim. It’s up to you how you want to be. Devise your exercise program to fit your health and fitness goals. That way, everything will work out just fine.