Best Diet to Lose Weight and keep it off forever!

Did you know there is a best diet to lose weight? I know personally, because it worked for me. It is a diet without all the usual foods we eat. It doesn’t include processed foods that have added salt, sugar, and fats. It’s a whole food plant based diet. You eat all you want, but you only eat certain foods while avoiding others.

How does whole food work for me? I lost 40 pounds in one year. That’s about five pounds per month. I went from 205lbs. down to 165lbs. and lowered my blood pressure to 100/70. It’s healthy weight loss that is based upon a lifestyle. Now, it’s not fast weight loss, but, it’s not a fad diet which can be dangerous.

As long as you stay with the low calorie high nutrient density whole food plant based lifestyle, you won’t gain the weight back like with so many fad diets that fold up their tents and disappear and leave you with gaining all the weight back you lost.

Being vegetarian is a lifestyle, not a diet

The best diet to lose weight is a high fiber low calorie diet. Again, it’s losing weight vegetarian. This doesn’t include processed foods which have a lot of salt, sugar and fats. For me to maintain my current weight, I need to consume about 2000 calories per day. I don’t really have to monitor this. My hunger does. If I begin craving snack foods or sweets, I know I need to eat fruit. I know I need more calories, but not the empty ones snacks provide.

I eat all I want of whole foods, but there are those around me who don’t believe in what I do. They don’t think diet causes disease, ailments and conditions. I have to use my willpower to not get into their snacks. Sometimes I fail, and in time I suffer again from Gout and Rheumatism.

It’s best just to not have that stuff around at all staring you in the face, but in my circumstance, I have to live with temptation all around me. Although, most of the time I do pretty good at avoiding junk food, but I do occasionally dive into the chips and candy

Ideally, you can’t have any of these snacks hanging around in the cupboard. There’s more than weight gain at stake here, it’s your health. Who willingly wants to get Cancer or Diabetes?

Food can make you healthy or unhealthy. It can make you feel bad or good. You can have energy or feel sluggish. Your clothes can fit or you need to shop for larger sizes

The best diet to lose weight is, you guessed it, Vegetarian. I am living proof. Look at my before and after Photos. You have to try to remember that what you put in your body will show up by how you feel, how you look, and possibly more hospital and/or doctor visits.