Best Foods for Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight and look our best young or old. But, what are the best foods for weight loss? Quick answer: Just about anything from the fruit and vegetable kingdom except for eating too many nuts, seeds and avocados.

It’s anything alive that grows hanging off a tree, bush or out of the ground. You are basically looking for plant based whole food. It has low calories and high fiber with all the protein, fat and carbs (macronutrients) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) you need in all the right proportions. The fiber part is what fills you up and makes you feel content.

Make it a rule to avoid eating too much of something that has fat, even if it’s natural. And, avoid processed oils like Olive Oil, altogether. If you can eat only a handful of nuts or seeds, fine. But, I can’t. When I get going on them I will likely eat the whole bag. I know me very well. So, I don’t get bags of them.

Remember, the fat you eat is goanna be the fat you’ll wear. But, there is another culprit if you are having trouble losing weight and keeping it off. You just might be eating too many processed foods and refined grain products.

WeightLossBlogging.Com recommends plant based whole food as the best most nutritious diet…

The best foods for weight loss are not processed and refined foods like bread, cereal, and tortillas, etc. There is something about grain being ground up that promotes weight gain. I had that problem in the beginning coming down from over two hundred pounds.

I got stuck around 185. I would crave calories because I wasn’t eating enough of them. Your body will be in the starvation mode. I discovered I had to eat more beans, potatoes and rice to make up for it. I was eating too many tortillas during the day time and cold cereal at night. I was never satisfied eating processed food. I would be hungry again shortly afterwards.

I figured out that to lose weight while getting enough calories I had to get at least 2000 a day for my metabolism to work right. You can go to USDA Supertracker to figure this out for yourself. It will be time well spent. You need to know how much fuel you need to get you through the day without being hungry all the time or running out of energy.

It’s hard just eating fruit all the time as my main carbohydrate. I need something with substance that sticks to my ribs to get by. And, that’s where staple foods like beans, rice and potatoes saves my day. They are not nutrient rich, but they will fill you up.

While beans, rice and potatoes are not as nutritious as fruits and vegetables, they make me feel satiated. Anyway, you just can’t eat fruit and live. Fruit is lacking in nutrition found in leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage and Bok Choy just to name a few. Furthermore, you just can’t eat beans, potatoes and rice and be the healthiest person around.