Best Way to Lose Weight

What is the best way to lose weight? The best way, in my opinion, is the safest way. And, the safest way is the healthiest way. And, the healthiest way is a way of eating that maintains your healthiest weight.

This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. If you eat plant based whole food you naturally lose weight and get healthier in the process.

Weight loss is a natural process connected to how and what food you eat. Get ready to dump the standard American diet that has been making you sick, tired and overweight for so long.

How do I know this? I am living proof eating a certain way works. I lost over forty pounds and my blood pressure and heartrate went down. I now weight my high school weight of 158 lbs.! I am 65 and have nothing wrong with me. I don’t see doctors and I eat all the fruits and vegetables I want.

Weight loss and Health is a no brainer

You don’t need to become a health freak and make green juice or drink fruit smoothies and certainly don’t need to take any vitamins or supplements whatsoever. I know, because I used to juice and take vitamins. It made me feel imbalanced and didn’t improve my health or help me lose weight. Juicing, Smoothies, Vitamins and Supplements simply do not work like eating plant based whole food.

I feel strong and have abundant energy that lasts through the whole day. I am trim, fit and lost that beer belly I had at 205 lbs.! Instead of drinking a six pack, my stomach is a six pack!

Get Ready to Lose Weight and Feel Better!

It’s totally amazing to me how changing my diet completely changed my life. And, it doesn’t cost you a penny more than what it costs to go to the store and buy the right food to eat.

You prepare it all yourself so you know everything that’s in it. There’s no hidden salt, oil or sugar in the meals you are going to prepare that’s present in most processed or refined food you buy at the store. There’s no portion control and you don’t starve yourself. You also lose weight while you get healthier.

Your Clothes will get Baggy

How can you beat that? Well, you can’t. You will feel the pounds melting away feeling your clothing getting looser. You will soon be buying new clothes! You will get a new confidence while your energy level will skyrocket.

You might also notice old conditions and ailments disappearing altogether. I am sharing what I’ve learned for free. You could call it a public service or doing my part in helping my fellow man learn how to eat the food he was born to eat.