Best Weight Loss Program

I am a do it yourself kind of guy. I began searching for the best weight loss program many decades ago. In the past, before the internet, if I wanted to learn something about something, I would either buy a book or go to the library. I had to take a drive in my truck.

Nowadays, finding out what you want is even easier from your hand held cell phone. All you have to do is Google it. And, you have your solution within minutes. You save gas.

Weight Loss Programs can be Dangerous

I have tried enough so called best weight loss programs to know which one works best. Unfortunately, one that didn’t work, almost cost me my life. I spent two weeks in the hospital from a ruptured appendix caused by a diet with too much animal protein while taking a fiber pill that wasn’t approved by the FDA.

Markedly decreasing your animal protein consumption can help decrease your risk of certain cancers…

Through my own research (trial and error) and successful results, I finally learned a whole food plant based diet is healthiest. In the past, health information was always there. I just didn’t know which information was bad.

I didn’t know a whole food plant based diet brought superior health. I also was unaware the added benefit was weight loss and longer life. Just look at the traditional Japanese diet which includes small amounts of meat as a condiment (or flavor enhancer) to the rice and vegetables.

The Plant Based Whole Food Diet Works

If you remember to eat only plant based whole food, you almost have your weight problem licked. You just have to know which food is processed (or refined) and not. Anything made by man is processed. And, refined food may have ingredients like preservatives and other additives you don’t want to put in your body (and all the added salt, sugar and fat you certainly don’t need.)

If there is an ingredient you can’t pronounce, I wouldn’t buy it. But, it goes a bit further than that. Plant based whole food is better when it’s organic.

Go Organic

You don’t want pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in growing your fruits and vegetables if you can avoid it. But, if your store doesn’t have organic, ask them to start stocking it or try to get it elsewhere. But, if it’s the choice between eating produce or not, it’s better to buy non-organic than not having fruits and vegetables dominating a large part of your diet.

The link below has a list of notoriously dirty and clean fruits and vegetables. You don’t always have to buy organic. You can save money buying non-organic. This is what I do. You just have to know which ones to buy. For example, I buy non-organic Pineapple.

Just make sure you soak your fruits and vegetables (whether they’re organic or not) in vinegar and baking soda added to water, (or veggie wash solution you buy at your store) and scrub and rinse them good.