Beyond diet: Join the ‘plant based whole food’ movement

Statistics show that if someone loses weight, he gains it back within a couple years. Diets don’t work!

So, if the diet you are on doesn’t work, what does? Another good question. Furthermore, those who do lose the weight and keep it off amount to very few percentage points out of a hundred.

So, what does one do to get off the diet merry go round? Answer: you have to go beyond diet. Diets simply do not work! Almost the entire food industry is working to sell you all kinds of diet foods that only confuse the average person.

We’ve been told what’s healthy to eat. We’ve been sold diets. The media has pounded us so hard with so many commercials we’re almost brainwashed thinking we need to drink their drinks and have their foods delivered to our door! They get rich, we gain all the weight back. They either are not being truthful about nutrition or they don’t know what they are talking about!

Furthermore, look at all the fad diet books for sale! Where do you look to get the right information so you lose weight, get healthier and live longer in the process? The only solution to healthy weight loss has to be a permanent one. Again, it has to go far beyond diet.

Therefore, the answer to weight loss has to do with adopting a healthy lifestyle including foods that not only make one healthier, but help you lose natural weight with no portion control.

We can’t skimp on food volume, we need to eat until we’re full. Who wants to measure their foods in a measuring cup? Ridiculous, when you can eat all you want. The secret is in what foods you eat.

Junk and snack foods never make you feel full, they only make you want even more. It’s the bottomless pit of food desire. It’s filled with empty calories and almost no nutrition. This means, filled with an abundance of salt, sugar and oils. So, unnatural! It’s called food addiction!

When you eat natural whole foods like fruits and vegetables, you become satiated. You are content and full because you not only get the fiber you need, you also receive all the nutrients your body so desperately needs. Go beyond diet, adopt a different lifestyle with delicious plant based whole food.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.