Eating Real Food to get Really Healthy

I have found through my own research the healthiest longest living people don’t eat like kings and queens. They eat simple diets that are high in carbs, low in fats and protein. Continue reading “Eating Real Food to get Really Healthy”


Healthiest Natural Diet: Alkaline or Acid pH?

I feel I have extensively studied diet as it affects heath. But, one never will know it all. Because as soon as you think you do, food throws a curve at you and you find out you were wrong about something. Weight loss, health and longevity has to be approached through reason, common sense and an open mind. Continue reading “Healthiest Natural Diet: Alkaline or Acid pH?”

Will Eating Starchy Food Make You Fat?

I know I keep bringing up starch. It’s because I keep wondering if eating starchy foods is healthy for us humans. I really want to know for sure if it’s really good for me or not. But, which foods are the good starchy foods? Continue reading “Will Eating Starchy Food Make You Fat?”

Why you might not feel good when you lost all that weight

Even though you lost your weight, you still may not feel good. With me, I found I was eating things that had sugar and oil, which in me (and, others) causes inflammation. Continue reading “Why you might not feel good when you lost all that weight”

Why Sweeten Oatmeal with Apple and Banana Slices instead of Sugar and Honey?

In my search for better health, weight loss and longevity I found out what they’ve said about refined sugar to be truer than I believed. How can something sweet that tastes as good as sugar be harmful? Well, it is as far as it affects me. It’s a sweet poison I must live without. Continue reading “Why Sweeten Oatmeal with Apple and Banana Slices instead of Sugar and Honey?”

The Benefits of a Daily Health Journal for Weight Loss and Health Improvement

I have kept written records about my past weight loss and current health progress. I made one on Word in 2015 and currently have a big note pad I jot everything down on related to my health and how I feel every day. Doing so daily has guided me as to what to eat and not to lose weight and feel better. Continue reading “The Benefits of a Daily Health Journal for Weight Loss and Health Improvement”

Should we eat Soy or Not?

I have been wrestling around with the question about whether to eat soy or not for quite a while. I have been going back and forth on this issue. For example, I have been using soy crumbles in my tacos and burritos. Continue reading “Should we eat Soy or Not?”

After Holiday Feasting: Handling Painful Inflammation Blues

We all have our family and cultural traditions and often it centers around food. In other words, what’s a good life without good food? When man evolved I don’t think inflammation caused by food he ate was his main concern. I think starving or not was. Continue reading “After Holiday Feasting: Handling Painful Inflammation Blues”

Can More Sun Cure Weak Muscles, Achy Joints and Painful Bones?

As we get older, you might want to keep a close eye on how long you stay outside. We weren’t meant to be cave dwellers in the house and work in office cubicles from dawn to sunset. Doing so on a daily basis is unnatural and there are health consequences. We need to get outdoors a certain percentage of the day to be healthiest and thrive. But, how much sun do we all need? Continue reading “Can More Sun Cure Weak Muscles, Achy Joints and Painful Bones?”

Healthful Reasons for Avoiding a ‘Paleo’ Type Diet

The paleolithic era lasted more than two and a half million years. That’s a long time. But, no one knows exactly what the caveman ate before then and if our bodies have changed that much since then. Continue reading “Healthful Reasons for Avoiding a ‘Paleo’ Type Diet”