Easy vegetarian recipes

Most all vegetarian meals are easy vegetarian recipes. For example, what I usually eat are beans, potatoes and broccoli. You can’t get any simpler than that! I buy ten pound bags of pinto beans from Costco™ that don’t need to be rinsed, so it makes a great sauce when you keep adding water as needed. I bake my potatoes for about an hour, and steam broccoli for about five or ten minutes and squeeze lemon on it. It makes a great meal for lunch or dinner.

What’s fantastic about this way of eating is that you Continue reading

Food lover’s diet

A vegetarian diet is the best food lover’s diet! You can eat all you want. Portion control is a stupid way to eat. If you are going to eat, why not choose health and be satisfied with enough to eat at the same time? Why not eat all you want? We all love to eat, but eating the wrong foods will likely do us in, eventually. We don’t want that. So, what do we do? Continue reading

What are empty calories?

What are empty calories? See the photo? I think you probably have a good idea. But, it isn’t plant-based whole food like fruits and vegetables. Empty calorie foods are highly processed usually containing lots of fat and sugar. Did you know low-fat snacks have added sugar because when the fat is taken out, it doesn’t Continue reading