Brown rice: Did you know ‘arsenic’ is in it?

Although, I like rice, I love potatoes even more. We crave particular carbohydrates. Brown rice is nutty tasting and chewy. I used to like eating white rice better. But, I reduced the amount I ate of both as soon as I discovered they had arsenic in it.

If you just have to eat rice despite knowing it has arsenic, replacing white rice with brown rice may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

You can reduce arsenic in rice if you boil it in water and rinse. They say, this should get rid of 40-60 percent of the arsenic. But, if the thought of arsenic bothers you, I would avoid anything with rice in it. This includes all rice products, including rice milk.

I boiled my rice for a few years, but decided to reduce it because of arsenic.

I talk a lot about avoiding certain whole grains and especially refined grains in all forms. For example, I don’t eat wheat bread, cold cereal, oatmeal, corn tortillas, pastries, cakes and donuts. I also don’t eat whole grain wheat, corn, barley and any other grain.

I know they say whole grains are good for you, but they are low in nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious.

I avoid refined grains like wheat crackers and cookies, etc. This means, I avoid anything made from ground grain. That’s flour, white or wheat, even corn, rice or any other ground up flour.

Most people won’t go through the trouble of boiling rice and rinsing it to reduce arsenic content. They normally use rice cookers for convenience. It would retain more arsenic.

I eat no more than about a cup of brown rice each day with my pinto beans for lunch. These beans come in ten pound bags at Costco©. You don’t have to rinse them, as they’ve already been cleaned. Just to be safe, I still look for small rocks before I cook them.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.