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Food Addiction: It can make you unhealthy and gain weight

You probably knew snacks and junk food made you gain weight. But, did you know what is hidden in many processed foods that is as addicting to the receptors of the brain as Opium? A good reason to avoid wheat products altogether. Have you noticed you have cravings for sweets and junk food? Sometimes, it seems we can't control ourselves. It's …

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Anti Inflammatory Diet

If you are prone to bouts of inflammation you might want to put yourself on an anti-inflammatory diet monitoring closely what things you eat and drink. If you get gout or rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, these are debilitating and very painful lasting for weeks, even months at a time. Avoiding certain foods may help prevent or lessen the …

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Healthy Eating & Quicker Weight Loss

Healthy eating has an extra bonus. I think most of us know what eating healthy isn't. You know; pizza, hamburgers and fries, stuff like that. If you eat wholesome foods, you will likely lose weight, get healthier and live longer. But, a vegetarian diet isn't always healthy. It just depends what you eat. For example, a soft …

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Will I lose weight becoming a Vegetarian? There's probably not an exact definition of vegetarianism everyone will agree on. But, it's more than simply eating green salads. This is because you can't survive on vegetables alone. But, you can't survive on just fruit, either. Each one is deficient in something the other has more of. There seem to …

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How to Become a Vegetarian

There are a few rules to follow in how to become a vegetarian. Becoming a vegetarian will likely bring benefits. It will probably make you lose weight while improving your health. You may also live to a healthy ripe old age. You may have a variety of reasons for wanting to become a vegan or vegetarian. You may …

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What is a Vegetarian?

What is a Vegetarian? I seem to hear so many conflicting things about what one is and isn't! In the sixties and seventies I didn't have a clue except I knew they probably didn't eat meat. But, that's about all I knew. So, I mistakenly thought they were war protesters, hippies or some kind of bohemian people …

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Why you need more than a Raw Food Diet

What is better; a raw food diet or being vegetarian? Will either make me lose weight? A raw food diet or raw foodism is the practice of eating raw uncooked food (absolutely nothing refined and processed.) I believe eating vegetarian is the preferred way to lose weight and get healthier. I do eat limited raw foods, but these are …

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Plant Based Diet

Will I lose weight on a plant based diet? There are many names or phrases used these days defining whole food. Take your pick. For example, a whole food plant based diet is pretty much a vegan or vegetarian diet. It gets really confusing, and you end up eating things that are unhealthy and make for weight gain …

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Heart Healthy Diet foods: Eat these

What is a heart healthy diet? We all don't want to suffer a heart attack or stroke and get diabetes or cancer. So, how do you eat healthy for your heart? Basically, it's a  very low or no fat vegetarian diet full of fruits and vegetables. It's the key to permanent weight loss and better health. A vegetarian diet has been proven …

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Juicing Diet

Do you lose weight on a juicing diet? Being that fruits and vegetables are good for losing weight; why not a juicing diet alone? That's because juicing by itself does not provide fiber (which slows sugar absorption) while smoothies tend to release too much sugar at once because the mechanical action breaks the fiber down. Juicing fruit and smoothies …

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