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Can’t Figure Out Why You Still Have All Those Mysterious Aches And Pains? Willing To Give Up Coffee, Rice And Alcohol? Why It Worked For Me…

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I have discovered things I didn’t know before that affect my health. And, since we are both humans knowing what I do and don’t eat and drink may benefit your health in the short term and long run. Below at the bottom of the page I have to… Read More »

Healing Holes In Our Gut: Avoiding Food And Drink We Were Told Had Health Benefits

It’s very tricky self diagnosing what’s wrong with you, and I don’t recommend it. See your doctor before you change your diet. I, on the other hand was my own ‘test rat’. This is the hard way to go. Things that seem one way may not be true. That’s why they have doctors. But, they can make mistakes… Read More »

Japanese Green Tea Revisited: Healthy Reasons Drinking It Everyday…

First of all, why do I drink green tea? Years ago I was attracted to the Asian culture. I always had a subtle draw to it. But, when I went out to eat at Chinese restaurants in the past, I always loved drinking tea without sugar. I used to drink Coffee, but discovered it likely caused ‘leaky gut… Read More »