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Grain free diet: Is ‘no grain’ healthiest?

Certain foods and drinks are triggers to one another. For example, if something you eat (namely refined grains like crackers, etc.) raises your blood sugar too quickly, you will eventually have an energy crash. You then feel hungry and will want to finish the whole bag or box! Do we continue eating what we think tastes good and… Read More »

Did You Know All Grains Have Gluten? Don’t Be Fooled! Here’s The Names…

Not just wheat has gluten. Other grain’s gluten is called other names. Wheat’s gluten is named gliadin. Here’s the short list of grains with their gluten names… Zein in corn Gliadin in wheat Secalinin in rye Avenin in oats Hordein in barley Panicin in millet Orzenin in rice Kafirin in sorghum Penniseiten in teff I don’t know if… Read More »