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Why Research Is Saying Consuming Less Omega 6 (It’s In Nuts, Seeds And Many Refined Oils) Could Be Healthier…

I bought a good deal from Costco® the other day. It was a ‘three pound bag of pistachios’. Mistake! The next day after eating handful after handful, I experienced aches and pains in every atom of my body. Unfortunately, the Omega 6 level of pistachios is not very low like flax and chia seeds. Yet, many others are much… Read More »

Research Proves Potatoes Toxic! Should ‘Potato Lovers’ Give Them Up?

Rumor has it eating starchy food makes us gain weight. Not true at all. There is so much misinformation out there, no wonder everyone (including me) gets confused. Yes, if you slather butter and sour cream on, of course it will add on the pounds not to mention dairy products are not health food. It has been said… Read More »

Still Getting Those Mysterious Aches And Pains Eating Plant Based Whole Food? This Might Be Why…

The truth is that we all may struggle throughout our lifetime to overcome ingrained bad food habits. For example, you might think eating plant based whole food may not be as healthy as you thought. But, the truth may be you are still unknowingly eating refined and processed foods. You and I can ‘trick’ ourselves not paying close attention… Read More »