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When Weight Loss No Longer Is The Issue, Why Continued Good Health And Longevity Becomes The Only One..

Although, I was quite strong, when I weighed over 200 I never felt good and didn’t have any energy. This wasn’t that long ago. Now, I never worry about gaining all the weight back. Why? It’s how I eat. It’s like an automatic weight stabilizer. Plant based whole food contains essential fiber, which is a needed nutrient for… Read More »

What Do We Eat For More Strength And Stamina? Or, Is It Rather What Not To Eat…

I am not as strong as I used to be. I think it is because I am older. Although, I feel pretty good for my age, I am wondering why I feel weaker than I used to a year ago. I don’t eat perfectly, but I do very well. I feel I at least eat 80-90% plant based… Read More »