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Research Proves Potatoes Toxic! Should ‘Potato Lovers’ Give Them Up?

Rumor has it eating starchy food makes us gain weight. Not true at all. There is so much misinformation out there, no wonder everyone (including me) gets confused. Yes, if you slather butter and sour cream on, of course it will add on the pounds not to mention dairy products are not health food. It has been said… Read More »

When Weight Loss No Longer Is The Issue, Why Continued Good Health And Longevity Becomes The Only One..

Although, I was quite strong, when I weighed over 200 I never felt good and didn’t have any energy. This wasn’t that long ago. Now, I never worry about gaining all the weight back. Why? It’s how I eat. It’s like an automatic weight stabilizer. Plant based whole food contains essential fiber, which is a needed nutrient for… Read More »