Lectins Cause Aches And Pains? Pressure Cook Beans, Tomatoes, Rice And Potatoes To Reduce Potency

Just because you eat plant based whole food doesn’t mean you don’t have to modify something. I don’t know about you, but I have suffered RA symptoms for quite some time, never identifying it for what it was. Continue reading “Lectins Cause Aches And Pains? Pressure Cook Beans, Tomatoes, Rice And Potatoes To Reduce Potency”

Roasted Asparagus Tasty Delight Recipe!

I really like asparagus, so I am passing this recipe on. It’s really simple and takes about fifteen minutes to make depending upon how narrow or thick the asparagus spears are. Continue reading “Roasted Asparagus Tasty Delight Recipe!”

‘1’ Super Huge Reason Why Fruit Alone Is Better For Breakfast…

From time to time one needs to give his body a rest from heavy foods. That’s where fruit comes in handy, especially in the morning. I find I actually do feel better when I only eat fruit in the morning. This really helps with elimination and increasing ones energy. You don’t need to always eat a big meal in the morning. Continue reading “‘1’ Super Huge Reason Why Fruit Alone Is Better For Breakfast…”

The Fountain Of Youth And Healthy Aging: Why I Think I’ve Found It…

So many retire because of ill health. If one cannot optimally function because he can’t concentrate well or physically perform on a job, what does one do? Pills only suppress symptoms and never make one well again. Continue reading “The Fountain Of Youth And Healthy Aging: Why I Think I’ve Found It…”

Embracing The Low Glycemic Diet: No Potatoes And Grain? Reasons For Doing So…

I lost 50 pounds a few years back, but I think some things I am eating are not health promoting. I asked someone who is in good physical shape, what they ate. It appears they favor a low glycemic diet. She said, ‘I eat very little meat, potato, bread, and pasta’. 

Continue reading “Embracing The Low Glycemic Diet: No Potatoes And Grain? Reasons For Doing So…”

Rice Bowl With Veggie Crumbles And Cooked Spinach Recipe

I still have reservations about eating rice. But, if you eat white rice, the arsenic level will be universally lower than the brown, no matter where it comes from. We all have to eat something and for me, if it’s a choice between meat and rice, I will choose the rice every time. Of course, you may be different and that’s OK, too. Continue reading “Rice Bowl With Veggie Crumbles And Cooked Spinach Recipe”

Are Your Aches, Pains And Inflammation An Allergic Reaction To Food? Could Be. Here’s Why…

I have suffered from mysterious aches and pains through the years and wondered why. To this date, it seems to be somewhat ongoing, depending upon what I eat. I am narrowing some of the supposed culprits down, but there still remains something which obscures itself. Continue reading “Are Your Aches, Pains And Inflammation An Allergic Reaction To Food? Could Be. Here’s Why…”

Is All ‘Starchy’ Plant Based Whole Food Healthy? Not Necessarily. Here’s Why…

I contemplated giving up eating white potatoes, brown rice and wheat bread because I had doubts about their nutrition, effects on my blood sugar and if they gave me energy or simply made me feel tired. Yet, the most important aspect was I thought eating these might be causing me a ‘leaky gut’.

For me, they were all so easy to overeat. But, were my reasons for giving them up backed up with evidence they were harming me?

“It seemed I was missing something. There was something else I couldn’t seem to put my finger on which was still causing me painful inflammation. I came to the conclusion certain foods may have caused me to have a ‘leaky gut‘ ” ~ your author

How I understand it is that inflammation spreads because of what shouldn’t be in your blood which passes through holes in the damaged small intestine gut barrier. No wonder, it’s only one cell thick!

‘I don’t believe eating these three starchy foods is essential, for there exist other more nutritious plant based foods to choose from. You can eat fruit, but it doesn’t satisfy for long. It seems complex carb foods satisfy in a way fruit never does. Therefore, why not eat fruit and a few starchy veggies, too? But, which ones are the healthiest’? ~ your author

White potatoes, rice and wheat rank relatively high on the glycemic scale as compared to legumes like beans. Go here, see for yourself and make a comparison and make your own judgement. You hear pros and cons everywhere you look.

‘My breakfast is fried potatoes with onions, mushrooms and shredded cabbage around ten-thirty, maybe a lunch at noon or not, but dinner around three to five and possibly some fruit or banana later at night. I am retired, so there isn’t a set schedule for most everything, including bed time and get up time the next day. After being on a schedule for most my life, it’s quite nice not having to do anything at all during the day if I don’t feel like it’! ~ your author

I heard pressure cooking my rice, potatoes and beans will remove most of the lectins. So, I went out and bought me a 6 quart pressure cooker and have been having lots of fun cooking lectins out of soup, chili and beans and nightshades!

‘I personally don’t care for the taste of sweet potatoes and yams. I will give them another try because I learned they are healthier to eat than the russet…’ ~ your author

To conclude, I am not sure if eating starch is a problem. Yet, I believe gluten (also, a lectin) in wheat, and lectins in the rice (I eat California basmati, Indian or Pakistan white rice because the arsenic content is lower,) pinto beans, russet potatoes and soy is.

I have since removed tofu, soy milk, soy sauce and wheat from my diet, including peanut butter and cashews which are both atomic lectin explosions! I am still considering giving up rice, because it has inorganic arsenic, which is more toxic than the organic.

‘But, why should anyone eat any food that has a small amount of arsenic? This question haunts me and deserves an answer and decision to continue eating rice or not’ ~ your author

OK, yes, I know billions of people eat lots of white rice, but does that make it right for the whole planet to follow suit? I learned most the arsenic and lectins are in the fiber or shell of the grain, but some arsenic (and, lectin) still remains in white rice even though you soak it, rinse it and pressure cook it.

‘Inorganic arsenic intake is likely to affect long-term health [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25536328]’.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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