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How many calories should I eat to lose weight? It could be less than you think!

If you eat certain foods, you will lose weight and not have to count calories. And, if you eat refined carbs, acquiring more calories than you burn up, you will surely gain weight. In my opinion, even though I eat a low-fat diet, fat is not the main culprit weight gainer. Nevertheless, do avoid added fats and oil, as it brings (in time) great… Read More »

Anti inflammatory foods: Can cure what’s ailing you

What are the anti inflammatory foods? There is a term called ’cause and effect’. Our actions cause things to happen, good or bad. As for health, prevention is the best ‘tool’ preventing many irreversible diseases. How we eat can either ‘heal’ us or ‘destroy’ our health. Personally, I have experienced bouts of gout and rheumatoid arthritis through the years. How I… Read More »

Healthy snack ideas

I wanted to talk to you about what drinks may trigger eating junk food snacks you know you shouldn’t. For example, if you drink wine, coffee and tea, these can cause hunger for the wrong foods. What we need are alternative healthy snack ideas to help us avoid eating our favorite addicting junk foods. Wine, tea and coffee are… Read More »

Benefits of green tea: Is it Healthier than Coffee?

Are there benefits of green tea drinking? I used to be a devout coffee drinker until I got tired of having daily frequent heart palpitations, anxiety attacks and sleep deprived nights. Drinking coffee also gave me hunger cravings and an acid stomach. One cup led to another cup in mornings, afternoons and evenings. I liked it strong and put sugar… Read More »

Benefits of coffee: The good and bad

It is said there are many benefits of coffee drinking. Don’t forget that coffee has a huge amount of caffeine in it, and it’s extremely addictive. So, if you talk bad about coffee, you will get a lot of resistance. People are touchy about what they want to drink and eat. They don’t want to hear it. For example,… Read More »

Gluten free grains: How healthy are they?

Gluten-free grains do not exist. This is a misnomer. Below, these are so called ‘gluten-free flours’. But, even these have their own ‘gluten’. I will explain, below. Gluten free flours Almond Coconut Cassava root Flax seed Garbanzo bean Tapioca Arrowroot Tiger nut Green banana Chestnut Wheat flour can contribute to inflammation in our bodies. This is a result of… Read More »

The brutal unhealthy truth behind refined and processed foods

There comes a point in life where you know you can no longer eat those processed foods you used to eat. Why? It could be because you are getting older and can’t eat those foods you used to eat as a teen. You might find lately when you eat them you feel terrible and the effects may last for… Read More »

Vegetable soup recipe

I love vegetable soup. It doesn’t take long to make and you can add almost every vegetable known to man in it. You make it with the vegetables you like most. If you don’t, you won’t eat it. Here’s what I like to add to mine. My version is a vegetable lovers heaven! 2 stalks of celery 2 thinly… Read More »

Split pea soup recipe

Here’s one of my all time favorite soups. I don’t know what it is about split pea soup, but I love it and never tire of it! It’s easy to make and it’s vegetarian all the way, unless you want to add a ham hock for flavor. You can freeze the rest in small portions for later. I used to buy… Read More »

Why a Low Sodium Diet is Healthiest

Salt does make food taste better. But, adopting a low sodium diet can make you healthier. Processed foods are loaded with salt and other unneeded ingredients. It all goes back to the original premise this website was based upon. Try to eat food the way it was made by nature and don’t alter it. You will most likely get… Read More »