Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe

I have said in my posts I love soup. I don’t like eating cold food. I like things either at room temperature, warm or hot. It’s good to have more than a few meals to look forward to eating everyday. But, it’s not really necessary to have much on the menu. For example, I eat beans, potatoes and rice every single day. Often, I have soup. I never get tired of these. Continue reading “Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe”


Spicy Vegetarian Tofu Tacos Recipe

I am always looking for new recipes. I am OK with the way I do eat, but it’s nice to have something new once in a while. Tacos are one of my ‘all time’ favorites. But, I don’t use crumbled soy anymore as a substitute for meat. So, now I have decided to use tofu. Continue reading “Spicy Vegetarian Tofu Tacos Recipe”

Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos

I recently stopped eating the ‘crumbled soy’ I made tacos with. And, I just had to find something new because of my love for hard shelled tacos. It’s always difficult to stop something when it becomes habit, especially when it tastes good. What did I do? Continue reading “Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos”

Is Soy Healthful? Should We Avoid it? It depends what Recipe…

You hear good and bad about soy products. As I’ve said earlier, I experiment with the food I eat until I know for sure it is healthful. I know I had to stop eating crumbled soy because of how it made me feel. Continue reading “Is Soy Healthful? Should We Avoid it? It depends what Recipe…”

Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe

As I’ve said many times, you don’t have to get fancy with millions of things to eat. You pick out a few things you really love and then repeat. For example, I like peas, brown rice, mushrooms and onions. So, what do I do? I Continue reading “Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe”

Official Weight Loss Blogging Daily Green Smoothie

I started doing research into what could improve eyesight. I discovered health giving ingredients to make ourselves a daily green smoothie. We drink this every day. Continue reading “Official Weight Loss Blogging Daily Green Smoothie”

Quick Mexican Meatless Tostada with Beans Ole’!

As you probably know, if you’ve taken a look at my recipes, I like quick and easy. I don’t make too much of a fuss about food. I eat simply. I didn’t used to. I made a big occasion out of every gourmet meal. I used to go out to eat at the finest restaurants. Continue reading “Quick Mexican Meatless Tostada with Beans Ole’!”

Why Salads and Fruit are so Essential

My whole website is my personal learning experience about weight loss, health and longevity. I am not a doctor, yet I don’t believe many physicians know enough about nutrition. Continue reading “Why Salads and Fruit are so Essential”

Meatless Hard Shell Tacos and Taco Salad Recipe

I am always looking for new recipes. However, I am still experimenting with soy products like soy milk and soy crumbles. But, I love Mexican food minus the lard, other oils and cheese… Continue reading “Meatless Hard Shell Tacos and Taco Salad Recipe”

Is Processed Soy (Fake Meat or Textured Soy Protein) Good for You?

I have heard that traditional soy products which are naturally fermented like tofu, miso, soy sauce and tempeh are better for you than processed soy like the fake or phony meat. Continue reading “Is Processed Soy (Fake Meat or Textured Soy Protein) Good for You?”