Potato Bowl With Red Bell Pepper And Onion Recipe

I like eating everything in one bowl. Easy cleanup. I use one fry pan to cook this dish. I like easy, and this is just that. Any meal that has fried potatoes is a hit with me and if you like potatoes, you will love this recipe as much as I do. Continue reading “Potato Bowl With Red Bell Pepper And Onion Recipe”

Apple Chunk Coleslaw With Soft Bean Tacos Recipe

This is a quick dinner idea. One day I was working on the yard and realized I was getting famished. Some nights you just don’t want to do a lot of preparation for dinner. Continue reading “Apple Chunk Coleslaw With Soft Bean Tacos Recipe”

‘Get Down’ With Veggie Shish Kabob Recipe

I forgot about the veggie shish kabob I used to BBQ. I also used to make a portabella mushroom burger. Each is superb and fun to cook outdoors! But, I used to make veggie burgers from processed soy patties too, but no longer do this. Continue reading “‘Get Down’ With Veggie Shish Kabob Recipe”

Quick, Easy And Filling: My Potato, Beans And Tofu Bowl Recipe

I have been eating this lately in the morning. It’s quick and easy to make. It fills me up until 3-4 PM. Here’s how I do it… Continue reading “Quick, Easy And Filling: My Potato, Beans And Tofu Bowl Recipe”

‘Big Bowl’ Potato, Bean And Kale Lover’s Recipe

I wanted to share my most favorite but nutritious recipe. As you know, I love beans and potatoes. And, if you do, you surely will love this one. On any of my recipes you can substitute different vegetables or add more. Continue reading “‘Big Bowl’ Potato, Bean And Kale Lover’s Recipe”

Simple Foods I Eat Everyday And Never Tire Of (And, Other Health Tips)

Below is my usual daily diet with a few tips I have learned along the way for best health. I lost 50 pounds eating this way and also got healthier. You know, you can’t believe everything you read or see on the internet and TV. You just have to try to weed out all the misinformation somehow. Continue reading “Simple Foods I Eat Everyday And Never Tire Of (And, Other Health Tips)”

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Sautéed Veggie Potato Bowl Recipe

Recently, I stopped eating ‘all’ rice. It was one of my favorite staple foods. California basmati brown rice became my best choice, because it was one of those lowest in arsenic. All rice has it to varying degrees. Continue reading “Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Sautéed Veggie Potato Bowl Recipe”

Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe

I have said in my posts I love soup. I don’t like eating cold food. I like things either at room temperature, warm or hot. It’s good to have more than a few meals to look forward to eating everyday. But, it’s not really necessary to have much on the menu. For example, I eat beans, potatoes and rice every single day. Often, I have soup. I never get tired of these. Continue reading “Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe”

Spicy Vegetarian Tofu Tacos Recipe

I am always looking for new recipes. I am OK with the way I do eat, but it’s nice to have something new once in a while. Tacos are one of my ‘all time’ favorites. But, I don’t use crumbled soy anymore as a substitute for meat. So, now I have decided to use tofu. Continue reading “Spicy Vegetarian Tofu Tacos Recipe”

Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos

I recently stopped eating the ‘crumbled soy’ I made tacos with. And, I just had to find something new because of my love for hard shelled tacos. It’s always difficult to stop something when it becomes habit, especially when it tastes good. What did I do? Continue reading “Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos”