‘No Fat’ (Slightly Hot) Plain Jane Hummus

Now, this hummus is my favorite. Not too many spices in it. I never tried it plain like this one. It’s not as ‘good looking’ as my Continue reading “‘No Fat’ (Slightly Hot) Plain Jane Hummus”

Official Weight Loss Blogging Daily Green Smoothie

I started doing research into what could improve eyesight. I discovered health giving ingredients to make ourselves a daily green smoothie. We drink this every day. Continue reading “Official Weight Loss Blogging Daily Green Smoothie”

Healthier Late Night Snacks: Ice Cream Substitute, anyone?

Me and my wife both like ice cream, but it likes me even less than it does her. I get congested, my ears plug up, I cough up mucus and generally feel lousy the next day. My body gives me a heads up pretty darn quick when I don’t eat right. If I were alone, I wouldn’t do any dairy. Continue reading “Healthier Late Night Snacks: Ice Cream Substitute, anyone?”

Healthy Snack: Red Pepper Hummus on Organic Brown Rice Cakes

If you want to lose weight, you likely would like to feel better, too. This means you are interested in your current and future state of health. What foods we eat makes the difference between Continue reading “Healthy Snack: Red Pepper Hummus on Organic Brown Rice Cakes”

How to Win Fighting Food Temptation Cravings

How do you fight cravings for food you know you shouldn’t be eating? Honestly, its sure not easy. It’s a constant struggle or battle! You, just like I will fall to temptation because of Continue reading “How to Win Fighting Food Temptation Cravings”

Snacks for healthy weight loss

There isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t get hungry for a snack ‘every now and then’ between meals. But, we don’t want to be tempted by junk foods in our cupboards. The only way to deal with junk food is to Continue reading “Snacks for healthy weight loss”

Healthy ‘oil free’ baked French fries

When you buy a French fry pan with holes in it like picture on the left, you will make the crunchiest fries you ever ate! The heat circulates all around the potato. The price of the pan varies, but you will keep it forever if you Continue reading “Healthy ‘oil free’ baked French fries”

Healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss that taste great

I love my own recipes. Usually, the chef doesn’t like eating his own recipes. I am sharing with you what I like to eat and what made me healthier and lose about fifty pounds. It’s basically low Continue reading “Healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss that taste great”

Homemade salsa recipe that will knock your socks off

Nowadays, I only use salsa on my beans. I used to eat it with tortilla chips, but unfortunately they are too oily and salty. You could buy corn tortillas (like I used to) and bake them yourself. I don’t recommend eating processed grains because these can cause Continue reading “Homemade salsa recipe that will knock your socks off”

Is hummus healthy?

Is hummus healthy? I think it depends upon what you add to it. For example, when I make my own red bell pepper hummus I don’t add any olive oil or tahini.

You have to read labels at the store very carefully when you buy Continue reading “Is hummus healthy?”