Shopping for the Healthiest Bread

In my house, I am the designated cook (I guess, at some point, I might have volunteered because I love to prepare meals and cook.) Often, for lunch I make sandwiches for my wife. But, sometimes she says it makes her tired. And, I know why it does, because Continue reading “Shopping for the Healthiest Bread”


Official Weight Loss Blogging Daily Green Smoothie

I started doing research into what could improve eyesight. I discovered health giving ingredients to make ourselves a daily green smoothie. We drink this every day. Continue reading “Official Weight Loss Blogging Daily Green Smoothie”

Quick Mexican Meatless Tostada with Beans Ole’!

As you probably know, if you’ve taken a look at my recipes, I like quick and easy. I don’t make too much of a fuss about food. I eat simply. I didn’t used to. I made a big occasion out of every gourmet meal. I used to go out to eat at the finest restaurants. Continue reading “Quick Mexican Meatless Tostada with Beans Ole’!”

Why Salads and Fruit are so Essential

My whole website is my personal learning experience about weight loss, health and longevity. I am not a doctor, yet I don’t believe many physicians know enough about nutrition. Continue reading “Why Salads and Fruit are so Essential”

Meatless Hard Shell Tacos and Taco Salad Recipe

I am always looking for new recipes. However, I am still experimenting with soy products like soy milk and soy crumbles. But, I love Mexican food minus the lard, other oils and cheese… Continue reading “Meatless Hard Shell Tacos and Taco Salad Recipe”

Is Processed Soy (Fake Meat or Textured Soy Protein) Good for You?

I have heard that traditional soy products which are naturally fermented like tofu, miso, soy sauce and tempeh are better for you than processed soy like the fake or phony meat. Continue reading “Is Processed Soy (Fake Meat or Textured Soy Protein) Good for You?”

Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas

Although, I do eat meat on occasion, I pretty much stopped eating it years ago. I used to be a big meat eater. To tell you the truth, the longer I don’t eat meat, the ‘ickier’ (for lack of a better word) it tastes to me. This especially goes for the aftertaste of Continue reading “Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas”

Fried Potatoes and Lemon Kale with Green Enchilada Sauce

I am always searching for, but usually creating my own new recipes I feel are healthy. The recipes on my site is how I eat all the time.

Have you ever seen the salt content in the so called ‘lean’ TV dinner meals? This is why I make all my food from scratch. It’s the only way you can ever know exactly how much of ‘whatever’ is in it! Continue reading “Fried Potatoes and Lemon Kale with Green Enchilada Sauce”

How to make a Vegetarian Bean Burrito recipe that is Delicioso!

This is one of my all time favorite Mexican food recipes. I absolutely love bean burritos, only now I don’t put meat in them.

Yes, meat is flavorful and tastes great, but you don’t need to eat it. Remember what I said earlier… ‘What tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you’? Yep. True. Why? Because… Continue reading “How to make a Vegetarian Bean Burrito recipe that is Delicioso!”

Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice

As you know, I like my vegetables. And, if you don’t, I sure hope you will give it a chance and try out this new way of eating. But, there must be at least a few fruits and vegetables you might like. So, focus on those. You don’t need a Continue reading “Pan fried oriental vegetables ‘your way’ with basmati rice”