Avocado Cucumber Hummus Sandwich Roll-Up Recipe

I made myself a new sandwich the other day and wanted to share it with you. As you know, I am a vegetarian. More accurately, I eat only plant based whole food. Continue reading “Avocado Cucumber Hummus Sandwich Roll-Up Recipe”


My ‘Open Faced’ Veggie Sandwich Recipe…

I have been revisiting making one of these tasty sandwiches every day. How do you make a good veggie sandwich? I really do love them. And, they are very filling. Continue reading “My ‘Open Faced’ Veggie Sandwich Recipe…”

Shopping for the Healthiest Bread

In my house, I am the designated cook (I guess, at some point, I might have volunteered because I love to prepare meals and cook.) Often, for lunch I make sandwiches for my wife. But, sometimes she says it makes her tired. And, I know why it does, because Continue reading “Shopping for the Healthiest Bread”

‘Breadless’ healthy sandwiches: Hold the wheat!

To me, ‘healthy sandwiches’ are low-fat. This means they have no fats like mayonnaise on them or vinegar and oil as on an Italian hoagie or grinder.

Yes, I know condiments and extra toppings do make sandwiches and food in general taste better. But, if you are like some poor unfortunates, future health problems (from decades of Continue reading “‘Breadless’ healthy sandwiches: Hold the wheat!”