Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe

I have said in my posts I love soup. I don’t like eating cold food. I like things either at room temperature, warm or hot. It’s good to have more than a few meals to look forward to eating everyday. But, it’s not really necessary to have much on the menu. For example, I eat beans, potatoes and rice every single day. Often, I have soup. I never get tired of these. Continue reading “Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe”


What I Ate Today that made me feel really Great!

It seems to me that the lighter I eat the better I feel afterwards. But, I don’t eat a lot of things that I used to. When you change your diet, it’s more like evolving rather than an abrupt change. This is because old habits seem to die-hard. Continue reading “What I Ate Today that made me feel really Great!”

Spicy Vegetarian Tofu Tacos Recipe

I am always looking for new recipes. I am OK with the way I do eat, but it’s nice to have something new once in a while. Tacos are one of my ‘all time’ favorites. But, I don’t use crumbled soy anymore as a substitute for meat. So, now I have decided to use tofu. Continue reading “Spicy Vegetarian Tofu Tacos Recipe”

Were We ‘Designed’ to Eat Meat, Grain, Oils and Sugar? Maybe, not. Here’s Why…

When we are wondering what’s wrong with us, it’s a good idea to keep things in perspective. I always drop back to the ‘great apes’ in that we are almost identical ‘genetically’. Therefore, to understand what we should be eating, I look to their Continue reading “Were We ‘Designed’ to Eat Meat, Grain, Oils and Sugar? Maybe, not. Here’s Why…”

Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos

I recently stopped eating the ‘crumbled soy’ I made tacos with. And, I just had to find something new because of my love for hard shelled tacos. It’s always difficult to stop something when it becomes habit, especially when it tastes good. What did I do? Continue reading “Going ‘Meatless’ Recipe: Rice and Bean Tacos”

I Had Arthritis Inflammation: You Might Want to Stop Eating These…

I have concluded I must be one of the unlucky ‘prone’ to inflammation. Because, it shows up really fast whenever I eat the wrong foods. There are many things I have learned to eat less or none of unless I want more pain.

If you are inclined to get inflammation of the joints (RA or rheumatoid arthritis) or generalized inflammation like I do on occasion, you might want to Continue reading “I Had Arthritis Inflammation: You Might Want to Stop Eating These…”

Is Soy Healthful? Should We Avoid it? It depends what Recipe…

You hear good and bad about soy products. As I’ve said earlier, I experiment with the food I eat until I know for sure it is healthful. I know I had to stop eating crumbled soy because of how it made me feel. Continue reading “Is Soy Healthful? Should We Avoid it? It depends what Recipe…”

Why You Could feel Healthier Eating More Alkaline Food

Where’s the evidence an Alkaline diet benefits our health? I know that when I stopped eating grains such as oatmeal and legumes like peanuts, I didn’t suffer from acid reflux anymore, late at night. An overly acidic pH could potentially become problematic turning into Continue reading “Why You Could feel Healthier Eating More Alkaline Food”

Spicy Hot Miso vinegar salad dressing recipe

I don’t see how anyone could eat a salad without a dressing on it. But, most dressings either have too much fat or ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s best, in my opinion, to make your own. They are not too hard to do. It depends upon what flavors you prefer. Continue reading “Spicy Hot Miso vinegar salad dressing recipe”