Conquering Snack And Junk Food Addiction: 5 Hunger Satisfying Tips

I still wrestle with my former food addictions. But, I test. This means going back to some of my old food favorites. The longer you don’t eat them, you find the old food never tastes as good as you remember. Here’s some examples of foods I adored I knew I had to give up because it causes me painful… Read More »

How Eating ‘Consciously’ May Likely Increase Your Chances Of Attaining Vibrant Health, A Trim Body And Longer Life

I try to be a ‘conscious’ eater. But, if you eat processed and refined food, you may not know exactly what you are eating. Who wants to read ingredient lists all the time? Not me. The ‘go around’ is eating plant based whole food. Why? You always know what’s in it. There is never a hidden ‘ingredient list’.… Read More »

Tip For Curbing Our Craving For Sweets: Eating More Of This, And Less Of That…

I have learned how to tame my old sweet tooth. I used to eat chocolate like anyone else and sugary cereal with milk late at night. But, I stumbled upon something that took away my cravings for sweets. And, fortunately it’s part of my everyday diet. Sometimes, I find myself shaky because I forget to eat. I seem… Read More »