The Big Life Reboot: Practical Tips On Creating Peace And Serenity In Tumultuous Times Like These….

If you are reading this you might want more well-being. But, everyone is different. For example, some of us are warriors who seek out conflict and action, while others like myself actively seek out peace and serenity. ‘There are 3 spiritual paths in life… Warrior, Service or Surrender. I fought my battles, did my service surrendering to a… Read More »

Why Do Some People Stay Trim, Healthy And Live Long Eating Bad Food And Drink?

Many ‘scoff’ at the idea diet has anything to do with health. In my opinion, it’s no laughing matter. What we do now will affect our future health by how we eat. There are many foods we were told were healthy that have been proven not. For example, meat and dairy. Genetics do play their role in health… Read More »