Is There A ‘Suicide Pandemic’ Rising?

I am really glad I have time to watch videos on YouTubeⓇ. I learn lots of interesting things there. I guess that’s one of those rewards you get when retired. You get more time on your hands. Continue reading “Is There A ‘Suicide Pandemic’ Rising?”

About The Near Death Experience (NDE). Yes, I had One. Here’s What Happened Recently…

I always hoped I would live to 100, but who knows! No one knows how long he will live, he can only hope. But, would we want to be in pain in the hospital, then die there…? I think not… Yet, if we will take a moment to be totally honest with ourselves, don’t we all fear death? Of course we do, that’s normal. Continue reading “About The Near Death Experience (NDE). Yes, I had One. Here’s What Happened Recently…”

The Spiritual Aspect Being Vegetarian

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or that I have been a vegetarian for many years that it seems I have become more spiritual. I seek spirituality much of the time. Did I turn into a feeble old man who is filled with regrets? I sometimes wonder… Did the way I eat move me to crave experiencing being one with God? Continue reading “The Spiritual Aspect Being Vegetarian”