Complete Nutrition

Exactly what is complete nutrition and how do you make sure you are getting it every day? You do this by eating the way we were made to eat. How is the right way to eat?

Society as we know it is relatively new. Compared to how long we’ve been here, a few thousand years isn’t a very long time.

Processed and refined food is a relatively new invention or phenomenon. We are perfectly compatible eating fruits and vegetables out of the ground and from bushes and trees like the great apes.

Like it or not the Apes are our distant Relatives

Genetically speaking, we are almost exactly the same. Did you know that when you feed monkeys and apes processed and cooked food they get sick and start dying? This sounds familiar with so many Americans sick and unhealthy with diets full of meats, processed and refined food way too rich in salt, sugar and fats.

You might be here reading this because you are searching for diet and weight loss answers. I don’t recommend making your own diagnosis for health issues as they are complex. Furthermore, what may appear to be a cure or remedy may be harmful to your health

Don’t Diagnose yourself

I have heard fifty percent of self diagnosis is incorrect. This can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. I admit I have been my own Guinea pig learning many things about my own health. But, I don’t advise being your own doctor.

Look for a physician who believes eating plant based whole foods can turn your health around. Make sure you have a good rapport and trust him or her. Also, continue to educate yourself through your own research. There are many doctors who know very little about nutrition.

Always think for yourself. Even the experts can be mistaken. Evaluate all you hear and read about diet and health. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet. Examine your beliefs. It’s been proven we don’t need to consume animal products.

Keep your brain active as well as your body. As you permanently adopt a whole food plant based diet your health should improve by leaps and bounds. You will lose weight as well as have more than enough energy throughout your whole day.

Learn what to eat and not


Although, I don’t agree with everything on the pyramid above, go here for a comprehensive explanation about diet. It’s very worthwhile to educate yourself about which foods to eat and not.

My own take on Nutrition

  • Do eat all the fruits and vegetables you want
  • Lightly steam vegetables and eat green salads (make your own dressing out of apple cider vinegar, honey and spices)
  • Eat a few nuts and seeds every now and then
  • Take vitamin B12
  • No alcohol or soft drinks
  • Use a probiotic or a spoonful of Yogurt everyday. One spoonful won’t hurt!
  • Limit processed Grain
  • Don’t drink juice or smoothies
  • Never eat wheat products because of the gluten (gliadin)
  • Eat only brown rice and potatoes
  • Don’t use any animal products like dairy and meat
  • No oils. Don’t drizzle it over salads and don’t cook with it
  • Limit spices and salt and sugar
  • Avoid processed or refined food like any frozen dinners, candy, chips, crackers, cookies, pasta, bread, pastries, etc.
  • Stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup

I would pay strict attention to the daily recommended fruit and vegetable servings and at least abide by that. Furthermore, I would omit all animal products and substitute beans and legumes and limit grain products. I wouldn’t recommend using any oils at all.

Remember that fruits and vegetables provide complete nutrition in themselves. Protein, Carbs and Fats are all in the right proportions. It’s not that way nutritionally for animal products and grains. Oils and snacks are empty calories and not beneficial nutritionally.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.