Compulsive Eating

Compulsive Eating is classified as an eating and psychological disorder. Some doctors believe the compulsion is related to the addictive properties of the food itself as with Wheat and Dairy products.

Eating disorders are often characterized by excessive worry about body size, image, and weight. Obesity is considered a medical condition but not primarily as an eating disorder.

  • Anorexia nervosa- Is an eating disorder in which the individual fears weight gain, literally starving themselves by food deprivation. It most commonly appears in younger women. This condition may lead to malnutrition and even death
  • Bulimia nervosa- Is another eating disorder also common to younger women in which binge eating is followed by vomiting or purging of the food eaten
  • Binge eating- Those experiencing this condition usually don’t try to regulate their weight or purge the food they’ve eaten. Many binge eaters tend to be overweight. This disorder affects men and women alike. Many binge eaters suffer from depression and poor self image. Therapy can help modify this type of eating behavior. Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes can result from being overweight

Our Self Image

In this society one often sees trim models on TV dieting and exercise commercials. Additionally, this so called perfect image of a woman is frequently seen in women’s magazines. There are many women who do not fit this perfect image but try at a huge health cost.

The fear of being fat is something which can cause anxiety and depression in some. Starving oneself, and dangerous quick weight loss fad diets are not the safest or healthiest way to weight loss.

The causes of eating disorders is not yet fully understood yet are set in motion by genetic, cultural, and other factors.

There are eating disorders common to children


One has to take action to create a happier life for himself. An essential step is eating the right food. Food can cure what’s been ailing you. It has been proven a whole food plant based diet brings weight loss and better health.

Mind and body do connect. A healthier body free of pain and disease usually brings forth a healthier mind and emotions as a fringe benefit. The food you eat can change your health and emotions for better or worse.

Additionally, managing ones stress balances work with personal life. Meditation is a useful tool which can center us. Everyone experiences unhealthy stressors in normal everyday life. Most often, it’s how we look at things which makes us feel happy or drags us down.

The EFT technique or ‘tapping’ can help to relieve stress. It’s easy to learn only taking a few minutes. You author uses this technique from time to time and I can tell you that it works for me. So, why not watch the Video and try it? It’s free! I am passing this on as a public service and don’t make any money on the referral.