Created To Eat Plant Based Whole Food: Is It Natural Law Or Rule From A Higher Source?

Doesn’t a doctor ask you questions about how something makes you feel? Is this science or opinion? Why is it some of us have allergic reactions to dairy? Were we not created to eat it? And, what about wheat? Gluten bothers many of us.

So, what’s going on here? Do we think we can defy the laws of nature? You can look around and plainly see that birds eat seeds, bugs and worms, horses and cattle graze eating grasses and lions eat meat. But, predators eat the inside parts first. I wonder why? The animals they eat, are vegetarian.

‘Is Eating Plant Based Whole Food A hidden Law Of Physics? It could be law of an even higher source, if you know what I mean…’

Processed and refined food came into being in the last few hundred years as far as I know. Same goes for farming and animal livestock. Since I rarely eat meat these days, it seems cruel to me to slaughter sweet innocent animals. I don’t think we would have the heart doing it ourselves, as butchers do the dirty work for us ‘meat eaters’.

‘We don’t have sharp teeth and claws and can’t run down our prey. It appears we have teeth more fitting for chewing fruits and vegetables and all the organs to accommodate eating and assimilating this kind of food’

Funny, how I don’t miss eating meat as much as I expected. This goes for all meat whether chicken, pork, ham, fish, whatever. Even dairy causes misery. Animals locked up in cages and stuff like that. I am not an animal activist, but I can see the harm much clearer than I used to.

‘Every animal I’ve seen gives only love. I’ve never seen a hateful animal. It’s only us humans who are the haters’

Culture and tradition forms us like clay, while the media tells us what we should buy. You turn on the TV and are bombarded with pizza, hamburger, snack and junk food commercials and prescription medication advertising that has potentially dangerous or life threatening side effects.

We were brought up a certain way, and it seems that’s the way to be. But, later you might change your thinking, especially if you have something wrong with your health and go to the doctor about it and still don’t know why.

It’s like when a child, someday we grow up and cast away those childish beliefs. We develop our own ways of thinking. And, then one day, you might wonder if eating differently will make you lose weight and feel better.

‘My heart just isn’t into causing harm to any creature walking the face of this earth’

I remember when young I had no trouble throwing steaks on the Hibachi every night. I didn’t know any better. Yes, meat tasted good cooked with charcoals. Years later I have no craving for it. I can see now I was ‘conditioned’ and didn’t know the real truth about how unhealthful eating meat was and how it hurt our environment.

‘I know everyone has to make a living to put food on his table. But, personally, I can’t see how anyone could live with himself continuing working in an industry killing animals’

Any animal product these days just doesn’t taste good to me anymore. I simply don’t want to be one causing harm to any living thing, not even a bug. My psyche has changed from top to bottom becoming a completely new person.

I regret and am sorry for eating any animal products whatsoever in the past contributing to the problems currently facing our earth like greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change [1].

Source- 1 “Greenhouse Gas Reduction.” National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.