Detox diet: Are they as dangerous as they say they are?

What is a detox diet? You might think it’s some special prepared diet, you have to starve yourself, drink powder or green juice. It’s not.

When you limit your exposure to chemicals and other harmful ingredients added to processed food and you avoid animal products, you do much in preventing illness, disease, ailments, conditions and further weight gain.

I personally don’t juice fast to detox, because I believe the body already knows how to detoxify itself without any outside help. I also believe only whole food can heal. Fiber is an essential ingredient that’s missing in juicing and not present in many processed and refined foods.

The problem begins where the bodily organs become overwhelmed through years of abuse with too high a toxic load. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medications and foods toxic to our bodies can tip the scales forcing a toxic overload the body can no longer handle. This can result in the organs eventually ceasing to function which can bring on sickness, disease, eventually death.

It is beneficial to release the body from digesting regular meals for a day or so. The standard American diet requires a great deal of energy in digestion. Many suffer from constipation eating this way partly because of lack of fiber.

If the colon is backed up through being constipated or the intestines are impacted full of fecal waste matter, the colon has little chance of emptying itself and becoming healthy again.

Abstaining from those things which brought on the toxic condition in the first place is essential. A change in lifestyle and diet has prevented many deaths. We don’t want to become diabetics, take blood pressure medication, get cancer or be on cholesterol lowering medicine.

Medication and prescriptions only suppress symptoms, but do not cure. There could be unpleasant life threatening side affects. Most pills create patients for life who never get well.

Our natural detox diet is plant based whole food. You don’t starve. You eat all you want. I changed my lifestyle and diet. I lost almost fifty pounds, regained my health and I believe it greatly increased my life span. I believe others can do the same. That’s why I am sharing this information I learned through my own research and trial and error.

To be safe, be sure to contact your doctor before you go on any of those detox diets you read about or see on TV. All those liquids, pills and powders can be dangerous causing your body harm. Also, don’t attempt a self diagnosis. Statistically, about half those who do this, are wrong. Obesity is a medical condition which requires professional medical help.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet or go on a detox program.