Did You Know All Grains Have Gluten? Don’t Be Fooled! Here’s The Names…

Not just wheat has gluten. Other grain’s gluten is called other names. Wheat’s gluten is named gliadin. Here’s the short list of grains with their gluten names…

  • Zein in corn
  • Gliadin in wheat
  • Secalinin in rye
  • Avenin in oats
  • Hordein in barley
  • Panicin in millet
  • Orzenin in rice
  • Kafirin in sorghum
  • Penniseiten in teff

I don’t know if it’s ignorance, greed or intentional deception we are told items made from other ingredients besides wheat are called ‘gluten free‘. That term is a ‘misnomer’ to be sure. No wonder when I switched to gluten free I still felt terrible!

Currently, the only grain I eat is ‘rice’. And, I try not to ‘overdo it’. When you do test for allergic reaction to learn which triggers you cannot eat, rice is one they say you ‘may’ be able to tolerate (test is called the elimination diet.) Nonetheless, there is still the real health problem concerning rice. It matters where it’s grown. Why so? Rice has arsenic and where it’s grown determines how much of it is in it.

‘Did you know that dairy products, shellfish, fish, eggs, chocolate, nuts, wheat, corn, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and strawberries are most common causes of allergic reactions by food’?

That’s why I buy what’s called ‘Calrose rice’. It’s not a brand, it’s a variety grown in California. Pakistan and India rice are said to be lower in arsenic same as California grown. So, these are my rice choices.

‘Don’t forget there are other grains like quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat that may be questionable’

White rice has less arsenic than brown or wild no matter its origin. Arsenic hides in its fiber. But, when I make my vegetable soup I add rice called ‘Wild Blend’ grown by Lundberg adding a chewiness or ‘hardiness’ I like. It’s California rice I bought 6 bags  online from Walmart©.

gluten free misnomer wild blend rice by lundberg
Photo courtesy of Lundberg©

High lectin foods like potatoes, tomatoes, legumes, white rice and other nightshade veggies including squash can be pressure cooked which  actually does reduce their lectin content.

‘The great apes, which are almost anatomically and physiologically exact to us eat a very low fat diet composed of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds’

Yet, at the same time pressure cooking high gluten content foods like wheat pastas even whole grains like wheat, oats, rye, barley or spelt is largely ineffective. Therefore, best strategy is avoid eating these.

Gluten and lectins are plant based compounds. For example, lectins are in legumes and potatoes. On the other hand, wheat, barley, rye and others have gluten. In some or potentially many of us, gluten and lectins may cause intestinal damage and inflammation, which can lead to celiac disease or a leaky gut. More on grain.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.