Essential Nutrients

What are the essential nutrients? There are actually two types. One is macronutrients; which are carbs, proteins, fats and water. We need these in larger quantities. On the other hand, we require smaller amounts of micronutrients; such as vitamins, phytochemicals, fibers, and minerals.

It seems the focus within many diets is increasing or 
decreasing either carbohydrates, proteins, 
and fat in various proportions in order to lose weight...

Although, macronutrients are essential to health, micronutrients are vital. The key to excellent health and slimming down to your natural body weight is choosing those plant based whole foods that are highest in vitamins, phytochemicals, fibers, and minerals, especially avoiding and/or limiting higher calorie animal products, processed oils and refined grains and flour.

Try to severely limit these below…

  • Reduce or eliminate meats and dairy because of the bad cholesterol
  • Cooking oils like canola and olive oil are low nutrient and empty calorie
  • Refined flour products like crackers, bread, and cereals have gluten which could cause you health problems
  • Processed grain snacks may also make you gain weight

The more micronutrient rich food one eats, the more satisfied he will be. To me, this means hunger pangs won’t set in a half an hour after a meal. Micronutrient rich foods that also are lower in calories should help keep you away from snacking on low nutrient high calorie junk food like packaged deserts loaded with sugar and greasy salty chips, etc.

Eating plant based whole food (fruits and vegetables) is more a 
lifestyle. It's an eating plan that lasts a lifetime. It brings 
better health, natural safe weight loss and longer life. 
You receive all the essential nutrients.

Try to find new healthy alternatives to the old unhealthy foods like greasy salty potato chips you may start craving late at night when you are watching your favorite movie. Make my homemade microwave potato chips or red bell pepper hummus, instead.