Fastest Way to Lose Weight

There are many different ways to begin losing weight. There are also many dangerous fad diets that say they are the fastest way to lose weight. These diets don’t work, like those you see advertised on TV all the time.

No one sticks with these for long because of what they cost. And, you know what? Most everyone gains all the weight they lost right back again! They don’t sell you real nutritious food, it’s processed and refined, not plant based whole food!

The healthiest way I know of and what helped me lose over forty pounds was a plant based diet. I wouldn’t recommend any other way losing weight. I know it works because I am my own living proof! Eating this way is actually a lifestyle, not so much a diet.

Losing weight is not the only benefit of changing how and what you eat. There are a few other added benefits losing weight vegetarian. One other is that you can regain your health and become even healthier.

Still, another benefit is that you will most likely live a lot longer than anyone would likely do on the Standard American Diet, which is so rich in unhealthy salt, sugar and fats.

See the Pounds Melt away!

Losing weight can be fun. Eating plant based whole food will maintain permanent weight loss. What I mean is that month after month on a whole food plant based diet your clothes will fit you looser and looser. I lost about five pounds a month. It would have been more, but I had a few stumbling blocks. I ate too much processed grains like bread and tortillas and got stuck around 185 lbs.

I needed more calories but should have eaten more fruit instead. There’s something about grain when it’s ground finely that not only increases its surface area, but makes some of us gain more weight or slows down weight loss. If this is you, and you find yourself either gaining or not losing the weight you wanted fast enough, make sure you cut all grain out of your diet!

Yes, you will have to go out and buy new clothes! But, you will feel better about yourself and feel better in general. You will love how that bathing suit fits next summer! And, the guys surely won’t miss that beer belly!

Your Health will Likely Improve!

Your allergies and other health problems and conditions may disappear altogether. You may also visit your doctor less and less. My blood pressure and heart rate went way down (100/60) and now I weigh my high school weight of 158 lbs. way down from what it was @ 205 lbs.

I was begging for a heart attack or stroke! If you are on blood pressure medication, wouldn’t you rather be off of it forever? My wife used to take it and it caused all kinds of additional problems for her! Now, she doesn’t have to take it anymore! She feels a lot better not taking those Beta Blockers!

Make yourself disease and heart attack and stroke proof! Change over to a whole food plant based diet that so many believe brought them weight loss, better health and longer life. There is no fastest way to lose weight that’s safe.