Flat belly diet for permanent weight loss

If you want to get rid of that ‘spare tire’ you need to adopt a ‘flat belly diet’. What is that? It’s nothing complicated at all. You eat ‘real food’. No portion control. But, what the heck is real food? I was one who used to laugh at it.

It’s not an ‘official diet’ more than it is making a healthier lifestyle change. It has to be that way because diets do not ever work. They never last. We don’t stick to them. But, a lifestyle change can stick like glue. The problem with diets is that you eventually gain all the weight back.

This flat belly diet is the non-dieter’s diet. You can call it by any name and they are all the same. You can call it the food lover’s diet. It’s a weight loss meal plan. It’s whole food. Plant based food.

You look forward to your meals, but you have to get all the ‘bad’ stuff out of your house. You can’t have snack foods that aren’t healthy hanging around because you and I would eat them. They are addicting and a constant temptation when the old addictive ‘hunger pangs’ hit.

If you are old enough, you remember the commercial that dared you to ‘only eat just one’. I can’t eat one tortilla, potato or corn chip. I eat the whole bag! I know me and know I can’t keep that kind of junk food around the house. Empty calorie low nutrient refined grain products are the big weight gainers!

If you have a big belly, (like I used to have not so long ago) you also have fat around your organs. All fat is not equal. Visceral fat is the ‘dangerous’ fat which builds up around your stomach and intestines.

On the other hand, Subcutaneous fat is what you can grab like ‘love handles’ that lies just below the surface of your skin. Visceral fat can raise your chances of ‘heart disease’ and make your body less sensitive to insulin which can bring on diabetes. Let’s prevent that, right now and take the needed steps to achieve our weight loss goals!

Begin eating differently right now, and see results very soon! Lose the belly and the weight, get healthier, feel better, have more energy and live longer.

Note- be sure to check with your doctor before you change your diet.