Food Allergies

Just because you eat only fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean you will be the healthiest. For example, canned fruits and vegetables leave a lot to be desired. Often, they add salt and sugar. Furthermore, if you happen to have food allergies, you must choose wisely.

But first, you need to know what foods you are allergic to. You might have to be tested by your doctor for grains other than Wheat. Grain is often the allergic culprit. How to eat Healthy

What do I eat?

Best practice is a whole food plant based diet avoiding all grains. This doesn’t mean you eat whole wheat and you’ll be OK. You might also want to consider not using any processed or refined food, anymore. This means you don’t consume foods or snacks made by man that comes in a bag, box or can, etc. So, get ready to donate what’s in your cupboard to your favorite charity. Gluten Free Diet

The only grains I eat are Brown Rice and Potatoes (both Organic…)

You want to have at least one large green salad a day. Two is better. But, common sense dictates you wouldn’t make a salad out of green ‘Poison Ivy’ just because it’s green. So, although green is almost always good, you need to choose wisely.

Common food allergies come from eating things like Wheat, Soy and Corn. They aren’t full of vitamins and minerals, so you can live without them. There are more nutritious foods than these in the fruit and vegetable kingdom. So, what do you do when you discover a large part of your diet has these three?

Wheat is hard to kick!

We know that wheat is very addictive and hard to beat as a habit. Wheat Gluten is addictive. It’s in almost everything! Just look at the ingredients in most any box or bag of snack food. I’ll bet you that wheat flour is an ingredient. Grain is everywhere! Processed soy is not good, either. It has been altered. People can have an allergic reaction to corn even legumes like peanuts!

There is also GMO you have to worry about. This means genetically modified organism. We don’t know what eating things like that is going to do to us in the long run! Therefore, play it safe and go organic if your store has it.

Being it is proven that wheat, soy and corn is lacking in overall nutrition, I would simply omit these three from my diet. Let livestock eat them, as their stomachs were designed to digest grains. Ever notice how large the stomachs of the Horse, Cow and Pig are?

Food allergies can also come from different ingredients like preservatives and pesticides. That’s why it’s best to go organic with your food choices so you aren’t exposed to effects of chemical fertilizers, too.

There are clean fruits and vegetables and ones that are notorious having pesticides sprayed on them. You might want to learn which ones to choose and not. This way, you don’t always need to buy organic saving money on fruits and vegetables at the store.