Fruit and vegetable diet: The way to weight loss, better health and long life

A fruit and vegetable diet is more a state of mind and lifestyle. It’s a new way of eating that’s actually an old ancient way of eating we have rediscovered. Fruits and vegetables are our natural food. We are almost exactly the same genetically as the great apes. We were designed to eat like the chimps. When you change or alter a chimp’s food, he gets sick and dies. Look at us.

The standard American diet has altered our natural food. Most of what we eat is either processed or refined. You can look around and see most people have accepted their sickness, diseases, ailments and conditions and go to the doctor as a fact of life. If you were raised that way, how would you know what was wrong? I got tired of feeling sick and tired and being overweight. So, I started reading. A lot.

There is hope. We don’t have to end our lives in sickness. There’s something they call prevention. There is a cause to every disease, and when we stop what’s causing our health problem, our bodies will heal, unless we’ve pushed ourselves over the line to the point of no return. Then, the body begins to fail and we die. Most of the time, we can turn our health around if we cease doing what’s causing damage to our body.

Man made foods refined and processed for convenience (also so it would keep longer,) because the hustle and bustle of modern society made him have to learn specialized skills in order to make the most money to survive in this new world he created. He no longer has to be like a renaissance man. The more specialized a career one has, the more income he earns.

This took him away from the frontier home where he used to hunt for his food or grow it himself. Now, others do these things for us. For example, we pay others to chop our wood and deliver it us, if we have fireplaces. We go to the store to buy groceries instead of growing fruits and vegetables ourselves.

Farmers do all that. We go to the Dentist. We have an auto mechanic tune our vehicles up, etc. We pay others to do almost everything for us. We even pay housekeepers to clean our houses for us because we are either too busy at work or too tired to do it when we get home.

But, when it comes to what we eat, there’s a price to pay. When one alters his food from a way he has eaten for thousands of years, his body doesn’t change that fast to adapt to the change.

Our bodies don’t know what to do with all the preservatives and additives. Another example is fructose. It can not only cause cardiovascular disease, our livers don’t know what to do with it, so it can in time cause fatty liver disease.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.