Healing Holes In Our Gut: Avoiding Food And Drink We Were Told Had Health Benefits

It’s very tricky self diagnosing what’s wrong with you, and I don’t recommend it. See your doctor before you change your diet. I, on the other hand was my own ‘test rat’. This is the hard way to go. Things that seem one way may not be true.

That’s why they have doctors. But, they can make mistakes and not have sufficient knowledge because they don’t have the training in nutritional science.

‘It has been proven plant based whole food can and does cure ailments, conditions and disease. Alternatively, processed and refined food can do the opposite’

You can be eating food and drinking liquids they say have ‘health benefits’. But, can you really rely on truth from our media when an entity is selling something? On this, we always have to do our own ‘research’. Good gut health is essential to overall health, weight loss and longer life…

  • Oils in coffee kills beneficial gut bacteria
  • If you drink tap water, let it set in the open to let chlorine dissipate
  • Sodas have phosphoric acid killing microbes and damaging gut wall cells
  • Alcohol kills nearly everything it touches!
  • Make sure you buy organic
  • Meats contain antimicrobials
  • If you drink black tea, switch to Japanese green tea
  • Begin eating 89-90% plant based whole food
  • This is how I eat here

I have always loved drinking coffee, but never could hack drinking it black. I always needed to add a creamer and sugar. So, I wanted to get away from sugar because I have found it not to be ‘health giving’. Instead, it’s ‘health robbing’. So, I tried ‘Xylitol’. Closest sweetener to regular white sugar I have found. But, to me it is new and not tested long enough.

Then, there’s ‘half and half’. It’s dairy and immediately causes my sinuses to erupt, ears to plug up and mucus in my lungs making me cough. So, dairy was out. Did you know coffee has a 1,000 elements in it that researchers don’t understand yet?

I think certain foods and drink may open a ‘gateway’ to an immune response from our bodies by holes made in our gut. This means inflammation and developing certain ailments, conditions and disease.

When I ceased drinking coffee, I started feeling better. Less aches and pains in joints and muscles. In addition, I think stopping alcohol and not eating rice added much to the healing process.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.