Healthy Meals

How you eat can help you lose weight. I have found that healthy meals are composed entirely of fruits and vegetables.

The healthiest anyone can eat is consuming a whole food plant based diet. Healthy means are also delicious and satisfying. They fill you up and make you feel content.

I eat very simply. My diet is composed of Brown Rice, Potatoes, Beans, Fruits and Vegetables. That’s it. I don’t cook with oil or add oil. Oils are not healthy like you hear they are. Olive Oil isn’t healthy, either, no matter who says it is. How I eat is very satisfying. It may not appear so, but it is. I look forward to cooking, because it’s easy. I enjoy eating the food.

We all know sugar is not healthy, but it is when found in fruits. Not fruit juice. No, fruit sugar is best in the source of which it came from. Whole food. Eat the whole thing. The plant fiber is beneficial in ways few of us understand.

My Credentials

I have gone to College, but I have studied health in books and the internet for years. I probably know more about losing weight, getting healthy and staying that way than many, if not most doctors. They are not trained in nutrition. If you have a doctor who scoffs at the health benefits of how you eat, better find another physician. Because, how you eat will bring you better health or death. It’s the food that does it along with the lifestyle you live.

Of course, I haven’t been traditionally trained or schooled in it, either. But, I can read, and I can write about it. I have researched on my own and am basically self-taught. You see on my site what I have learned and you may find the information here quite useful on your journey to lose weight. Upon losing weight, many regain their health and many if not all ailments, conditions and diseases completely disappear.

The only way to know how being a vegetarian can benefit your health, is simply to do it. You must take the plunge. But, be sure to tell your doctor about any diet change or weight loss program you intend on doing. Don’t believe me, do your own research on health matters. But, you will find there is a lot of misinformation out there. And, everyone has beliefs about food and health. But, if you think you need to eat meat to be healthy, the truth is, you don’t. You also don’t need Dairy. Additionally, you don’t need to douse a salad with Olive Oil. Oil is not healthy, at all.