Healthy weight chart: Why keep an eye on your BMI?

Something told me that if I didn’t start eating healthier and lose weight, I’d eventually have a heart attack or stroke. This was scary! After I started eating fruits and vegetables as my primary foods, I wanted to know what my absolute ‘healthiest’ weight should be.

I decided I wanted to learn how to get healthier and lose weight at the same time. I knew I had to lose about fifty pounds. Below, is a healthy weight chart commonly named the ‘BMI’ chart.

‘BMI’ stands for body mass index. I discovered my ideal weight was my high school weight. But, through the years, we can let ourselves ‘slip’ and overindulge in the wrong foods also living a more sedentary lifestyle. Our lives become busier.

You can calculate your ideal weight to have a worthy goal to shoot for. It’s beneficial to know what our healthiest weight is. It took me a year to lose almost fifty pounds, but that was because I experienced a few stumbling blocks with willpower drawing me back to those junk food snacks we all love! Once I ceased eating bread, crackers, chips and tortillas, the weight steadily but surely melted off my waistline.

You can also calculate your ideal weight at the CDC. You could very well be on your way to weigh your high school weight, too. You just need to watch what things you eat and be patient. You will see results as soon as you change over to your new way of eating.

I lost almost fifty pounds on a plant based whole food diet. When you figure out your ideal weight, it should be in the ‘green zone’. For example, I am 5′ 10″. So, the graph shows my weight should be somewhere between 129 to 174 lbs.. And, since I weight my brand new 158 lbs., it fits right in the safety zone.

You have to allow for what build you have, too. I would think I am medium build. You may be the same, smaller even larger. So, adjust your ideal weight accordingly. Think back. What did you weight when you were a senior in high school?

My BMI is 22.7. My normal range is 18.5—24.9. Calculate yours below. Or, you can visit the CDC if you like. But, this chart will do the job. It’s all you need to learn where you should be.

bmi chart, weight loss, obese
BMI chart

We feel better, have more energy and are healthier when we are not overweight. Don’t forget you will also gain more confidence in how you look. But, looking good is not the only advantage. Maintaining your ideal weight may also reduce your risk of chronic diseases associated with obesity or in being overweight.

When you get older, your metabolism may shift, making it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. You may become too sedentary. I exercise or work out in my garage, but I don’t do it aggressively. I exercise moderately. You don’t need to be gung ho, but it’s up to you if that’s how you want to do it.

I do have a bench press and free weights, but I have devised my own routine I like doing every day. I make it fun. I do jumping jacks and run in place. I practice my karate moves. I run or jog around my swimming pool doing laps with my dog running behind me. Fun! He thinks it’s fun, too.

And, I don’t use heavy weights. They are just what I can handle. Being physically active around the house is essential, but you don’t have to work that hard. Be sure to make it fun, then you’ll look forward to exercising every day.

*Note- Remember, obesity is a medical condition requiring medical attention. Don’t try to diagnose your own condition, ailment or disease. Be sure to seek the advice of your physician when changing your diet. Continued.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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