Healthy Weight Loss

What is healthy weight loss? What can be dangerous to our health is when we cut back on our calories, lose weight, then binge and gain it all back. Then, we may accumulate visceral fat around the stomach, intestines and liver.

This is the deeper fat, not the fat on the surface under the skin. It’s the most dangerous fat which can lead to diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Visceral fat increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Watch eating foods high in fat and calories. Read labels to be sure. Cultures that limit meat like the Japanese, are known to be healthier and live longer. Make sure you know how much fat is in your food. When I was trying to lose weight, I ate too many refined carbs like tortillas and bread. I got stuck at around one eighty five, until I realized I needed to reduce the amount I ate. Now, I only eat brown rice and potatoes…

Processed Oils

Processed oils like coconut, palm, olive, safflower, canola are nothing but empty calories and low nutrition. Don’t cook with oil or drizzle it on your salad. Oil is not a health food, even though they keep saying it is.

Eat a small amount of nuts and seeds, instead. No more than about an ounce a day. Did you know one tablespoon of oil has one hundred and twenty calories?

Moderate Exercise

Scientists have found moderate exercise works best. What moderate means to you, you will have to decide. Maybe, it means a brisk walk for twenty minutes or so each day. You might want to work out with light weights or do aerobic exercise.

Last, but not least, limit processed snacks and grains (like cold cereal, potato chips and crackers, etc.) while increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet. Packaged deserts and junk food can also have high caloric content. Finally, get your protein from beans and lentils instead of meat. Healthy weight loss comes from lower calorie intake. A plant based whole food diet will take care of this.