Welcome to WeightLossBlogging.Com. Weight loss, better health and longer life is in your hands right now! If you can’t get that weight off, you are at the crossroads in your life.

Do you like food? This is the food lover’s diet. Learn what the best foods for weight loss are. I learned how to lose almost fifty pounds, lower my blood pressure and feel a lot better through my own research. What I share with you would cost you a bundle elsewhere. If this works for me, I believe it can work for you.

I don’t want to starve to lose weight, I want to eat until I’m full! Who wants to measure their food with dinky portions!? Not me. How about you? I love food. I ate all I wanted and lost weight. I still eat all I want. But, you need to eat certain things and omit others. Say goodbye to your old diet! Say hello to weight loss, better health and longer life.

  • This is not a fad diet
  • No portion control
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Lower your risk for certain cancers
  • Diseases, ailments and conditions may eventually disappear
  • Have more energy
  • Feel better
  • You don’t need to take vitamin pills or drink green vegetable juice.
  • Your natural weight is automatically maintained

Your taste buds will grow to prefer your new way of eating. As you lose weight, your health should improve. As an added benefit, you will likely live longer like other people in those societies who eat the same foods.

Many are forced into retirement because of health problems living the last ten to twenty years in painful agony in and out of the hospital. Let’s start now preventing it from happening in the first place. It has been proven what we eat is a major contributing factor determining wellness or sickness. Better health usually follows weight loss. Continued