I created WeightLossBlogging.Com to tell you my story about weight loss, better health and longer life. If you aren’t your high school weight, you probably are eating the wrong food. Don’t underestimate this site because it’s free. You could like eating food like me and lose even more weight a lot sooner!

I learned through my own trial and error what the best foods for weight loss are. I lost almost fifty pounds, lowered my blood pressure and feel a lot better. I learned all this through my own  personal (unscientific) research. What works for me could work for you.

I want to eat until I’m full. Who wants to measure their food with dinky portions? I learned what to eat and not so I could eat all I wanted and still lose weight. I like food. But, to lose weight and keep it off, you need to eat certain things and not others. 

Benefits of eating healthy foods

  • Not a fad diet
  • No portion control
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Lower your risk for certain cancers
  • Diseases, ailments and conditions may eventually disappear
  • Have more energy
  • Feel better
  • You don’t need to take vitamin pills or drink ‘yucky’ green vegetable juice.
  • Your natural weight is automatically maintained

Your taste buds adjust (in time) to your new way of eating. You look forward to each meal. As you lose weight, your health should improve. You will likely live longer like those people in those societies who eat healthier.

All too many Americans are forced into retirement because of health problems living the last ten to twenty years of their lives in painful agony in and out of the hospital. Don’t we want to prevent this?

It has been proven what we eat is a major factor determining wellness or sickness. Better health usually follows weight loss. Although, what I eat works great for me, it may not work for you. You could call me a plant based whole foodist. What to eat.

Note- ‘My site is my own ongoing  personal self study I am sharing with you about effects a plant based diet has upon weight loss, health and longevity. It is by no means scientific, as I am not a professional health practitioner. As I learn or information changes, I update this site with the new information with any corrections. I offer no guarantees, as a plant based diet may not work for you. I give no advice, diagnosis or health and diet recommendations. You must weigh things for yourself and make your own decision. Above all, be sure to contact your doctor before you decide to change your diet’ ~ your author