Homemade Potato Chips

In your search for healthy vegetarian snacks you might want to add homemade potato chips to your recipe arsenal. When you get hungry late at night and want to eat the healthiest snack avoiding junk food with too much oil, sugar and salt, this is it.

I don’t know about you but chips are one of my favorites! I make them often. And, it only takes one medium potato to fill you up.

I bought a microwave chip maker not so long ago and I recommend the one below highly. I have had no problems with it and use it frequently.

How I make my own Homemade Potato Chips

I make my own ‘healthier’ homemade potato chips in the microwave. These have no fat or added salt. I ordered a TopChips™ kit made by Mastrad on eBay that comes complete with one tray. Everything including a couple extra trays cost me about $12 as far as I can remember. But, you only really need one tray.

I ordered two extra silicone trays to make enough chips at once by stacking them. It comes with a slicer to make the potato very thin. The slicer is very good quality.

I chose the Mastrad chip maker because I watched a  review on YouTube. I always buy because of good customer reviews and customer recommendations and shop around for the best prices from at least three different sources.

This particular chip maker won out over the competitor’s which melted down. I make them a little on the brown side for most crispness. You might want them lighter. You have to experiment with the time. If you put remaining chips in a sealed container they stay fresh and crisp for days!

The time depends upon how many trays you stack. It takes three to five minutes for each tray of crisp tasty chips. For example, it might take up to sixteen minutes for three trays. Three trays is the limit in the micro.

Be careful to not let your Microwave get too hot. I thought I burned my micro up. Mine shut off because I got excited when my chip maker arrived. I went a bit wild on the chip making at first until I began limiting the amount of chips I did at once.

Now, I do one tray at a time. This is best. They’re delicious with a little salt, hummus dip or how I like them dipped in my favorite medium heat salsa! I do not use sour cream as a dip. Buy organic potatoes if your store has them.

More Snack Ideas

I am always looking for new snack ideas. For example, you might want to buy organic rice cakes or whole grain cakes at the store and put hummus on top. You could heat a couple corn tortillas and spread hummus on them and roll them up.

Frozen peas with brown rice is a good one after meals. This is what I do. I add a little soy sauce on top and mix it up for flavor. I would skip jam or jelly on top of your rice cakes if they have high fructose corn syrup. Also, you could try rice chex with rice milk. Believe it or not, it’s tasty without sugar. I don’t use much rice milk, only enough to moisten it.