How to detox your body: Forget all you’ve heard

Be careful choosing ‘how to detox your body’. Why? A so called fad detox diet can be hazardous to your health.

It makes no sense taking a chance on an unproven and untested fad detox powder, liquid, juice, pills or colon cleanse formula which could actually harm your health causing damage to your intestines and/or organs!

If you search the internet, I doubt you will find even a single detox diet the ‘FDA’ has put its stamp of approval on. I have never heard eating fruits and vegetables is unhealthy.

Adopting a whole food plant based diet will lighten the toxic load you already have on your body. It’s more a lifestyle change than being on a diet, because it’s a permanent way of eating.

Did you know our body doesn’t need help detoxifying itself? It does so ‘all by itself’ every single day. The problem begins when your organs become overwhelmed to the point of failure. Let’s not let that happen. We do this by changing our ‘poor eating habits’.

I have never heard of a fad detox diet that ever did what it said it would. They don’t ‘magically’ flush out toxins from your body. You take a big risk things could backfire landing you in the hospital’s emergency room.

Some of these diets suggest you fast while drinking certain liquids while others allow eating a few fruits and vegetables. These diets are most often very short in duration.

The problem with fad detox diets is soon into it, you will feel hungry and weak. Not good and not necessary. You need to consume enough calories during the day to have enough energy to function normally and feel satiated. You never starve eating plant based whole food.

Begin by avoiding empty calorie foods like junk and snack foods. It’s time to clear out the cupboards!

You don’t want to feel dizzy, nauseous, achy, fatigued, have muscle aches and pains or become lightheaded. No good. Furthermore, if you suffer from a medical condition, detox diets could actually be harmful, even life threatening.

When you primarily eat fruits and vegetables, you are eating ‘clean’ foods. Processed and refined foods have added ingredients like preservatives often lacking nutrients.

Certain substances poison our bodies: like alcohol and tobacco. The average American tends to consume way too much salt, sugar and fat. Eating a simpler diet can help us lose weight, feel better, have more energy and live longer.

To conclude, although a detox diet may help you shed a few quick pounds, chances are you’ll gain all the weight back. Therefore, don’t waste your time and hard earned money.

The best body detox is preventative in nature: limit processed fatty foods high in sugar and salt in the first place.

Note- be sure to contact your doctor before you change your diet.