How to get Rid of Cavities?

You don’t want to lose weight and get cavities eating the wrong foods. So, you might want to know how to get rid of cavities. What you put in your body does affect your teeth. It’s the first place food goes.

Benefits of a plant based whole food diet is better health, weight loss and longer life. Part of good health is healthy teeth. How you eat can save you from cavities, and losing your teeth. Who wants to have tooth pain and go to the dentist more than he has to?

Remember that chips, bread, pasta and crackers 
(and, anything made from refined grain) are as harmful 
to the teeth as candy! They also have fructose or sugar added. 
You get the double whammy! White flour is starch 
(simple carbohydrate just like sugar) and stays in your 
mouth and the saliva breaks it down into simple sugars. Starch 
acts the same as sugar. The bacteria in your mouth feeds on 
these sugars which produce the acid that begins the process of 
decaying your teeth.
  • Sweets: Avoid gummy sticky sweets. This goes for dried fruits too, like raisins, dates and dried fruits. No table sugar. Lollipops, caramels, jelly beans and hard candies are some of the ones that stay in your mouth a long time. They don’t get rinsed out
  • Refined Carbohydrates: Starchy snacks and junk foods like cookies, crackers, cakes and packaged desserts contain a huge amount of sugar or fructose which causes tooth decay. Grain tends to be gummy and sticky. It adheres to the teeth. Remember, it’s like sugar!
  • Soft drinks: Soda contains a lot of sugar. Regular and diet sodas also contain phosphorous and carbonation, which destroys tooth enamel. Energy drinks, iced teas and flavored lemonades contain astronomically high amounts of sugar and are very acid, which can be even worse for your teeth than carbonated
  • Fruit juice: Fruit juice causes tooth problems. Fruits have fiber and have far less fructose and acid than bottled or canned drinks which usually have added sugar Eating fruits and vegetables whole, is OK
  • Highly acidic citrus fruits: Like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, pineapples and tomatoes. Don’t keep these foods in your mouth for very long. Rinse your mouth out after eating them. They may tend to wear away your teeth. See acid reflux
  • Brush your teeth often: use fluoride toothpaste
  • I would reduce my intake of acid foods favoring the alkaline List_of_Acid-Alkaline_Forming_Foods

Why not get rid of the source of cavities? Kill the bacteria!

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.